Friday, December 3

Family Photos

This year, since my parents had all their children & grandchildren all in one house for Thanksgiving, we took a few nice family photos. If you are Facebook friends with my parents, and/or follow my dad's or sister's blog, you may be a little tired of seeing these photos over and over again. But they turned out so well, I thought I would also post the family pictures for viewing. Currently, there are 11 of us all together. I can only imagine what the picture will look like in 5-10 years!

The Keys Family: Scott, Caleb, Myself & Brendan
The Atkinson Family: Kevin, Bekah & Lily

(Whats left of) The Reed Family: JT (Bud), Dad, Mom & Jon

The Family Picture

Grammi & Pepa with the grandkidsBrendan was defiantly done with pictures at this point. We were using candy to get a semi-decent shot.

It is nice to have the documentation of the family all together. I will give a Thanksgiving post soon! Just need to gather all the pictures into one spot...

Thursday, December 2

Grandparents: Grandpa Keys

Scott's Dad lives not too far away from us and loves seeing his grand-kids grow. Scott and his Dad get together once in a while to watch Football all day. Usually Scott goes to his house, but every so often, he picks up his dad and brings him to our house for the day. This gives the boys an opportunity to spend time with their Grandpa Keys and still go down for a nap in their own bed! (Nap-time is very important at the Keys' household).

Since Brendan hardly ever stops moving...I wasn't able to get a good picture with him. But I got an adorable picture with Caleb!
Maybe I'll have more luck with Brendan at Christmas...