Saturday, June 16


I've moved.  You can find me at my new blog Grab the Keys and Go! (  Still new and under construction, but come check it out.

Sunday, January 15

Bed Time

When Mommy does bed time with the boys, we do a nice calming bath, dress for bed then a book and bed time.
When Daddy does bed time, it consist of rough-housing, wrestling, running around and excitement. So much for a quiet bed time tonight.
Oh well, at least they had fun....

Tuesday, January 10


With my last real posts being from so long ago, I wanted to just document and update how much he has grown. Here is a picture of Brendan from my last post about Caleb's first birthday party the end of May.
Brendan is now 3 1/2 years old. He is finally on another growth spurt, growing taller than his pants can keep up with since he is still too skinny for his age.
Besides his size, he is growing and learning so much every day. I can't believe how quickly he picks things up, we are having to be a little more careful about what he is exposed to.
For example he sings Daddy's songs after listening in the car, so much where I have told Scott he probably shouldn't play certain songs around Brendan. The other day he came in singing the country song "Toes" by Zac Brown Band. For those of you not familiar with the lyrics: "I've got my toes in the water in the sand, not a worry in the world a cold beer in my hand life is good today, life is good today."
Brendan also LOVES puzzles, he is very good at them, I need to start looking for larger puzzles to really challenge him, he does well with the 25 pieces right now, but sometimes a little too good! The only downside is that I find puzzle pieces all over the house.
Other interests include building with blocks, playing outside, playing with Sammy (his best friend) and any other friend that will come over. His new interest thanks to Christmas presents are the little action figures and vehicles by Imaginex, one of my favorite brands for this age group.
We are working with Brendan on his letters, he can name about half of the letters right every time we ask, others I can tell he guesses.
Although he is still not a big eater, he isn't as picky as before. Some favorite foods include blueberries, "Jelly sandwiches", Pancakes, and any and all candy.
I am going to try to post more of his cute little sayings or quotes throughout the year, most are so sweet with as frustrating as he is sometimes, you just want to scoop him up and kiss him all over with his sweet little innocent comments.
Here is a picture from December (I stole these from a friend on facebook, I don't even have a close up of my own to share). While I was working before Christmas, Brendan went over to Aunt Tawni's house to play with Sammy when Miss Jenni came over with Gingerbread houses for the boys to decorate. They said Brendan was so meticulous in the placement and organization of his decorations.

Saturday, January 7

Part of the downside to taking a "break" from blogging is that I stop reading others blogs as well. So for the past week or so I have been catching up on everyone's life that I have missed while I was away. I figure now it is a new year, a fresh start. Time to get back in the swing of things.

Wednesday, December 21


So I decided to look upon my much neglected blog this evening and realized I had a decision to make. As it has now been almost 5 months since my last post, do I pick myself up, and push myself to start blogging again? Or do I call it quits and let people watch my life through Facebook (which I never post on either, luckily, friends tag me in photos they take). Blogging used to come so easy, and even still I find myself "writing" blogs in my head while driving to and from work, but actually sitting down to type them out takes effort.

Blogging can be my relief, my place to share little stories from our family, and a place for family to see and hear our family adventures.

Blogging can also cause frustration, and an opportunity to waste time better spent elsewhere.

So my decision needs to be made, do I stay or do I go?

Thursday, August 4

Caleb's !st Birthday - More pictures

Are you ready for picture overload???

Scott grilling up the food

My wonderful mother, she was an amazing help for the party!

Caleb's new found mischief

The Atkinson's with my grandmother "Mimi"

Mimi, my sis Bekah & My Daddy

The party!

Cupcake time!

Caleb wasn't quite sure what to think at first...

Maybe this thing isn't so bad...

Scott giving his mom in Idaho a play-by-play of the party

Okay, I like this thing!

Just don't try and take it away from me!

Mimi's birthday present to Caleb, a water table! It was a big hit...Until Brendan got wet and then cold.

'Pepa' with the birthday boy!

My Cousin Missy. I don't think there was much of the party when Missy or my Aunt Benita didn't have a baby in their arms. They just LOVE babies!

Mimi & Lily

Can you tell they are best friends or what?

Uncle Kevin with Caleb

See! What did I tell you.

The two of them with another baby!

Baby Nate.


He was so proud of himself for climbing on that box!

I'm shocked there is no baby in this picture....

'Unka Jon' is by far Brendan's favorite Uncle.

Grami & her baby boy

Wow, that was a lot. But now you have the whole "picture" of what his big day was like! Surrounded by friends and family, passed from person to person, food, fun, presents & cupcakes. Thanks to everyone that came to celebrate with us and for my mom and sis for helping me put on a great party!

Wednesday, August 3

Caleb's Birthday Party - Part 1

I am a bad blogger. You would think that with Internet at home now, I would be better. But actually I think that since I have Internet all the time, it just lets me procrastinate longer. I will try to be better (I hear my husbands voice in my head: "'Try' is just an opportunity to allow yourself to fail") So don't be surprised if I don't get much better.

Anyway, I know I am over two months late with this post, but I do want to share with you pictures of Caleb's first birthday! I worked really hard, we actually started thinking of ideas and "planning" his party while I was still pregnant! (We as in my sister and I, Scott had very little to do with the planning of it all.

We went with the Baseball theme for Caleb's birthday. Since the party was held during Memorial Day weekend, we went with the traditional Red,White, and Blue color scheme. Very Americana, very baseball, America's past-time!

Welcome to Caleb's Birthday!

(this picture makes me think I really need to clean my black screen door...)

Cupcakes with cricut made toppers, my mom bought marshmallow baseballs on a stick for the kids. Brendan loved it, to be honest they were one of the worst things I have eaten (kid's taste buds are certainly different than adults). Bekah made strawberries dipped in white chocolate and blue sprinkles (SO good!).

Our "signature" wrapped water bottles.

Being Memorial day weekend I planned a nice afternoon BBQ on our patio expecting nice Southern California Sun. In true unpredictable So CA style, it was cool and gloomy. The sun did finally come out after a while. Checked table clothes were a nice touch, compliments of my friend Di. Red, White & Clue pennant banner made my coverless-patio-cover a little less obnoxious.

For lunch I wanted simple and easy. So with sticking with the Baseball theme, Scott grilled hot dogs, and I served Nachos in convenient nacho trays with Hot Cheese sauce and jalapenos. Just like the ball park!

Also around for snacking was peanuts, crackerjacks, watermelon and Sunflower Seeds.

Caleb's highchair was dressed for the occasion with scraps left over from my big banner. The cupcake was a big hit. (You can see him enjoying his first cake in my previous post)

Every child got to take home a baseball bat & ball. Every adult got a BabyRuth candy bar. Who do you think got the better take home...

...Caleb's choice was the baseball bats...

I'll post the rest of the pictures of family, gift opening and other fun stuff next, Just wanted you to see the party decorations and view the overview and not be overwhelmed at once! :)