Friday, July 17

New Hair Cut

Some of you may have noticed that I recently changed my hair. I have to admit that the new cut and color was more dramatic than I originally intended, but it is really growing on me. My husband is getting used to it as well. I really do like it, I have never had my hair this short before, it really is a nice change. It makes doing my hair in the morning a lot easier! It dries so much faster! An added plus, Brendan doesn't have as much hair to pull now!

Happy Anniversary

Yesterday, Scott and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary. I must admit, our celebration was a lot better than last year. Brendan was born on the 14th, which means we came home from the hospital on the 15th. So on the 16th, our third anniversary, and the first full day home with our baby. Scott wanted to go out to dinner just the two of us, even though Scott doesn't remember this, but even then we knew something wasn't right with Brendan. He wasn't eating well, he didn't really cry, and all he did was sleep. But we tried to go celebrate together anyway. My mom stayed home with Brendan and Scott and I just ended up going to Islands. We were back in less than 45 minutes. It was so hard for me to be away from my baby at that point, I was still too emotional! Scott still gives me a hard time about that night! :)

While I was at work yesterday, Scott brought me some lovely flowers and a nice card. It was such a nice surprise. For my anniversary present, Scott got me another very sweet card that was very heartfelt, and a beautiful bracelet from Switzerland. I didn't take a picture but it is beautiful with pearls and a silver chain. My husband has good taste in jewelry, he has picked out all of the jewelery he has bought me, including my wedding ring. What a wonderful husband.
But yesterday evening we decided to go out, my mom stayed home with Brendan again (this time completely healthy) and Scott and I went out to Victoria Gardens. We had a lovely dinner at Lucille's BBQ, If you don't know Scott and I very well, we LOVE Barbeque. For dinner we had their "Feast for Two" let me tell you, it was a FEAST, the two of us couldn't finish it and brought home most of the meat and one of the desserts! What a deal!
We walked around Victoria Gardens for a short while, but Scott was just so tired, he is still a little off from his travels to Europe, so this time it was Scott that wanted to cut the evening short, at least we were out for three hours this time.
Happy Anniversary Babe, "I love you more today than yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow!"

Wednesday, July 15

Brendan turns 1!

Yesterday was Brendan's first birthday. We are sad that Daddy missed it, but he will be her for the actual birthday party on Saturday! Last night Grandma, Aunt Bekah, Uncle Kevin and I had a small birthday dinner for Brendan, complete with cupcakes!

Grandpa also created a video of Brendan's first birthday from clips Aunt Bekah took on her camera phone. (If you haven't already, you should check out my dad's blog of Brendan's trip to the train museum.)

Happy Birthday Brendan!!

Monday, July 13

Back to work

Today I am back to work after being out for three weeks. It was odd getting up today to head to work but I am happy to be back (I think). It is a little rough getting back to normal at work, there are some things that have sat on my desk for three weeks that I need to take care of today as well as new stuff that was added to my stack.

All in all, I am glad to be back and ready for my normal routine, but I loved spending my time with my baby boy.

Wednesday, July 8

Back on the Farm

Although Brendan got a lot of toys as presents for Christmas, we spaced out opening them so he could enjoy each one. Then with the move, many presents just sat in the box. A couple months ago, we finally opened the farm and the tractor.

Brendan got a lot of nice things for Christmas, a Build-a-Bear with voice recordings from Scott's family, as well as a tool set, a giant Barney doll, nice clothing, a pull dog, Fisher Price Noah's Ark, all sorts of neat stuff. But from my family he got: a stuffed animal pig with "The Jolly Farmer" book from his Great-Grandma & Great-Grandpa Reed, a giant stuffed cow from his Uncle Jon, a John Deere Tractor from Aunt Norma, and of course the Fisher Price Little People Tractor and Farm from Grandma & Grandpa Reed. Can you tell my family is from Bakersfield?

Brendan just loves playing with the farm, I guess that apple keeps falling close to the tree. "Thank God, I'm a country Boy" (at heart at least).

The Tractor from Aunt Norma & Uncle Frank

The pig from Great-Grandma & Great-Grandpa Reed

And of Course the Farm from Grandma & Grandpa

Tuesday, July 7

Funny Story...

Those of you who are not aware, my husband has left me. Okay so I may have made it sound more dramatic than it really his. Currently my husband is touring all of Western Europe with a group of his students, he will be gone for almost three full weeks. I'm sure he is having a wonderful time.

He left on Saturday June 28th. That morning we were running around trying to get all the last minute things taken care of. An hour and a half before we were to leave the house, Scott decides he wants a hair cut. I have to agree that his hair was getting a little long and he didn't want to mess with the hair while away. So we got out the cheap clippers that are way past their prime and cut his hair to the desired length. After washing his hair again to get all the loose hair off of him, I took the clippers to do a final touch up....Oooops!!!

Not something you want to hear while your wife is cutting your hair. I had cleaned the clippers and forgot to put the attachment back on! (Unfortunately, this is not the first, or even second time I have done this, you think he would go to a professional). So as I cried and my husband tried his best to remain calm and not get upset over his wife's stupidity, we shaved the rest of his head. Oh how I hate his head shaved.

My poor husband. This was one of the first pictures I received of the group in Europe. Can you see Scott's poor white head? Most of the other pictures show him in a hat...

Here is a close up, just in case you couldn't find him. At least he didn't have to worry about his hair while in Europe! He was really a good sport about it, I really don't think I would have been so.