Wednesday, July 15

Brendan turns 1!

Yesterday was Brendan's first birthday. We are sad that Daddy missed it, but he will be her for the actual birthday party on Saturday! Last night Grandma, Aunt Bekah, Uncle Kevin and I had a small birthday dinner for Brendan, complete with cupcakes!

Grandpa also created a video of Brendan's first birthday from clips Aunt Bekah took on her camera phone. (If you haven't already, you should check out my dad's blog of Brendan's trip to the train museum.)

Happy Birthday Brendan!!


John and Alisha Stults said...

Happy belated birthday to Brendan. He is growing up so fast!

Shanda said...

Man! It's already been a year! Happy - late - Birthday Brendan!!! And congrats to you, my dear, for making it through your first year of mommyhood! You're doing such a good job!

Tawni said...

Happy Birthday Brendan (again). I love you little man!

Random Thoughts said...

Don't worry Brendan, there's more cake in your future. Love YOU, Grandma