Wednesday, July 8

Back on the Farm

Although Brendan got a lot of toys as presents for Christmas, we spaced out opening them so he could enjoy each one. Then with the move, many presents just sat in the box. A couple months ago, we finally opened the farm and the tractor.

Brendan got a lot of nice things for Christmas, a Build-a-Bear with voice recordings from Scott's family, as well as a tool set, a giant Barney doll, nice clothing, a pull dog, Fisher Price Noah's Ark, all sorts of neat stuff. But from my family he got: a stuffed animal pig with "The Jolly Farmer" book from his Great-Grandma & Great-Grandpa Reed, a giant stuffed cow from his Uncle Jon, a John Deere Tractor from Aunt Norma, and of course the Fisher Price Little People Tractor and Farm from Grandma & Grandpa Reed. Can you tell my family is from Bakersfield?

Brendan just loves playing with the farm, I guess that apple keeps falling close to the tree. "Thank God, I'm a country Boy" (at heart at least).

The Tractor from Aunt Norma & Uncle Frank

The pig from Great-Grandma & Great-Grandpa Reed

And of Course the Farm from Grandma & Grandpa

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