Friday, August 20

Random thoughts on Blogging

Blogging has been a funny thing for me.

Sometimes it is my release, sometimes a burden.

Being an introvert, it is not always able to put myself out there; this is a way for me to discuss my life and thoughts to others without pushing myself or my views on them. Readers can choose to read, comment, skim or just look at pictures.

Usually I blog for myself, sometimes it is for others to be caught up in my life, for grandparents, friends, family, long lost friends, and some perfect strangers, to see pictures and updates of my family.

I go through stages where I blog a lot
then I get burned out.

Does anyone even read this?
What is the point?
I want to document our lives; I want to post pictures so everyone can see my children without sending mass amounts of e-mails.
I don’t want to bore my readers, I don’t want to offend with my thoughts, I just want to share.

Admittedly, it is a struggle at times, there are things I think about and want to share, but become afraid of saying the wrong thing or exposing too much of myself.

Do others want to read my thoughts or should I just post pictures to look at?
Do I share too much of my life?
Not enough?
I have to find the right balance for myself.

Ultimately this is my outlet,
This is for me.
I must remember my purpose.

This is my blog,
this is my family’s journey,
open for viewers to see.

This is my life.

Tuesday, August 10

Brotherly Love

When Caleb first entered the world, Brendan was very curious of this new baby in his life. He didn't understand the strange way this new baby ate, or why Mama hurt and why he couldn't climb all over mama and the new baby or even why Mama was in this strange place called a hospital. Once we brought the baby home, Brendan was quite intrigued. He held the baby for the first time. Held him, gave him kisses, loved him. When Grammi tried to take the baby away he exclaimed "No! Mine!" and would hold out his arms and say "here" wanting to hold the baby longer.
The next day, Brendan realized the baby was not going away, Mama & Daddy are keeping this thing "Ee-ya" (that is Caleb in Brendan speak). Brendan would no longer sit with his little brother, in fact if you were to put Caleb in the couch next to Brendan, he would push him away. "No!" The only way to get a picture of both boys together was to have someone hold Caleb and Brendan would (barely) sit on the couch next to his brother.Mama even went on a craft kick, making cute shirts that said "I am Big" & "I am Small". Still not sitting next to that kid. (although it is difficult to see in the picture with their big cousin Elyse, Brendan is actually pushing Caleb away from him).
The Boys also had, Big Brother/Little Brother shirts. "I'll sit here only because I am watching Mickey's Mouse Clubhouse, but I'm NOT happy about it!"

I hear my mothers voice ringing in my ear from my childhood. "I had you girls close together so you would be friends and all you do is fight!" I guess what goes around comes around.

Finally, the fourth of July, in matching shirts (again) the boys *somewhat* cooperate for a picture together. Brendan is becoming a nice big brother, reading him a story, helping with his pacifier...

The other day, I hear Caleb crying and walk into the living room to see what my boys are up to...uh oh! I caught you being nice to your brother!

Friday, August 6

Baby Watch 2010

Is there anything more exciting in life than Babies? 2010 has been the year of babies for me and my friends. I had 7, count them SEVEN new babies in my life for 2010. Who doens't love all these new babies??

It started when our cousin (okay, Scott’s cousin’s wife, but I call her my cousin) called me up last October and told me that she was pregnant and due only 2 days after me (May 17th). I was excited that our babies would be born close together. This was her first and I am very excited for Kevin and Holly and their family. I did tell everyone that she would have her baby before me. Sure enough, Holly went into labor on my last day of work. Beautiful Owen was born on May 8th. I never did get a picture of us pregnant together, and forgot to get a picture of our boys together, born 10 days apart. But I did steal a picture off her facebook for you to see Owen.

Next of course was Caleb, born on May 18th, only 3 days after his due date. Much better than his brother born 12 days late.

My sister’s best friend, Bethany, was due with her second baby. She was one of the lucky few who actually had her baby on her due date! (Although the many days of labor (contractions) before delivery I am sure did not make her feel lucky.) Deacon, born on July 3rd. I got to see him for a very brief time last night, and he is really growing! What a cutie!

Our friend Robyn was due with her first baby this week (August 4th), however, Ivy made her appearance a little early and arrived on July 22nd. I got to hold her again this week during my lunch break. Seriously, one of the prettiest babies I have ever seen.

Probably the pregnancy that I am most excited about is my Sister. For one, because they tried for a while before getting pregnant, two, it’s my sister, and three, they aren’t finding out the sex and I am on pins and needles waiting to find out if I have a new niece or nephew! Bekah is due on August 26th and I can hardly wait three more weeks!

My Sister-in-Law Brianna is also pregnant, and I am so excited for my new nephew due October 14th (I think). I have her baby shower next weekend and I am excited to be buying cute little boy things for her. I know my niece Elyse (8) is also excited to have a new little brother, she is going to be a great help to her mom! Pictured is Brianna on her wedding with her new husband and their kids (Elyse, Lily & Jonathan).

Finally, I believe the last baby watch of 2010 for me is my best friend. Tawni is due on Decemebr 21st, although there is a good chance her baby will be early. We just found out on Wednesday that she is having a boy I really couldn’t be more excited! We are going to have so much fun with our four boys together!

Thursday, August 5


Growing up, my mother used to always dress my sister and I (19 months age difference) in matching outfits. For Christmas, we would get the same outfit in different colors. It never really bothered me too much, but I know Bekah wasn't always fond of it. Now, we buy matching outfits in different colors all the time because of our similar taste in clothes, we just try not to wear them on the same day - which has happened a few times.

I'm sure that I told my mom I would never dress my kids in matching clothes, although I don't really remember. But now that I have 2 boys, I just can't help it, I think they are so cute! This is my first matching outfits for the boys.
Caleb here is 3 weeks old, and Brendan is 22 months dressed for church. Unfortunately, Brendan would not sit very well with his brother for a picture. Oh well, they are still cute.
(I think this is my favorite picture of Caleb to date, he just looks so happy!)

Wednesday, August 4

Mud Puddles in San Diego

While I was still on Maternity leave, my roommate from college came to visit us before moving far away. We don't get to see her too often, so my best friend Tawni and I packed up the boys for a trip to San Diego to spend the day with Shanda before she left.

San Diego is always close to our hearts. We have many memories through college and after of spending time together at the beaches in San Diego. So it only seemed right that we would visit the beach one last time before Shanda's move.

Unfortunately, the day we picked was quite over overcast, but the boys enjoyed playing in the sand. You can see pictures and Tawni's take on the day at her blog Life with the Websters.

Before we even got to the beach, we had a picnic on the grass. But boys will be boys...they found a mud puddle to splash in. Shanda of course, got it on film! My son loves, dirt, mud, and anything in between! Oh well, it'll wash...

Tuesday, August 3

Independence Day

This year we experienced our Independence Day in Star Idaho (just outside of Boise) with Scott's parents. I bought us all Old Navy Flag Tees which I love, Scott humored me enough to wear it for the day!

My mom bought Caleb a bib to wear for his 1st 4th of July. The bib was a little big for him!
In the evening, we went next door and had a neighborhood party. Caleb, being the newest grandbaby, at only 6 weeks old, was passed around from grandparent to grandparent. Brendan was excited to run around and play with other kids and new toys.

This was also Brendan's first experience with fireworks and sparklers (the video was posted earlier). He really was a little nervous and couldn't decide if he liked them or not, but we did about 3 sparklers, all the other kids loved them.

Unfortunately, it does not get dark until about 10:00 at night. We gave Brendan a late nap hoping that he would be able to make it. At first he started to get fussy, but he settled down on Grandma's lap and watched the fireworks. Much different than California, Idaho allows you to have actual fireworks that shoot up into the sky. It was quite an experience for me, I had never seen fireworks like this shot off from someones driveway! We started with some floor fireworks, move to bottle rockets, and then had the real, large fireworks in the sky. Brendan was the only kids who stayed awake through the entire show. He wasn't too fond of the loud noises, but got used to them and as long as he was held, he was fine.
Caleb on the other hand, slept through the entire thing, noises didn't bother him a bit!

Monday, August 2

What a Ham!

Brendan is learning the concept of smiling for a camera, except he says "Smile" and looks away. I tried the other day to get a good picture of him smiling.

I give up...

What a HAM!
It's a good thing I think he is so cute in the makes up for the stressful night before!

Sleeping Update

Thank you all for your advice, sympathy and support with Brendan’s sleeping habits. From friends, to aunts, parents, and co-workers. It seems that most parents have been through this or a similar situation with at least one of their children. It’s nice to know we are not alone and this too passes.

I am happy to say that last Tuesday night was the worst of it. However, we are not through it yet. Going to bed is still hard, but Brendan is getting more used to the idea that bedtime means bedtime. We have been consistent with our bedtime routine every night. Bath at about 8:00, brush our teeth, get dressed for bed, get a drink of water, tucked under the covers, say a prayer, sing a song, and off to sleep. Unfortunately, he is still testing us by getting out of bed a couple of times each night, but the first time we take him by the hand, lead him back to bed and cover him back up. After that, we don’t get up but just tell him to go back to bed so as to not encourage him to think that if he keeps getting out, he will get more of attention from Mom and Dad.

We really do appreciate your advice; the biggest thing we got was to be consistent. Spanking does not work in this situation. It makes no difference to him if he is spanked or if we just send him back to bed, we get the same reaction either way, so we just sit there and send him back to bed so that he doesn’t get a rise or extra attention for misbehaving. Others advised to lock him in his room until he learns he has to stay in his bed. Unfortunately, Brendan’s door is “broken” in that it does not latch all the way, so we would have to install a new door handle and/or lock on his door. Instead, when he really isn’t getting it and settling down, we will lock our door. Since Brendan only wants to get to us and not other places in the house, locking him out of our room seems to work. He will cry, knock on our door and eventually go back to his bed and fall asleep.

This process seems to be working for us. Every night gets a little easier as well as nap time. I hope that he will get used to this routine soon and we will not have to play this game anymore. Until then, we have learned to be patient; there is no point in getting upset, angry or stressed about it. Eventually he will go to sleep!