Wednesday, August 4

Mud Puddles in San Diego

While I was still on Maternity leave, my roommate from college came to visit us before moving far away. We don't get to see her too often, so my best friend Tawni and I packed up the boys for a trip to San Diego to spend the day with Shanda before she left.

San Diego is always close to our hearts. We have many memories through college and after of spending time together at the beaches in San Diego. So it only seemed right that we would visit the beach one last time before Shanda's move.

Unfortunately, the day we picked was quite over overcast, but the boys enjoyed playing in the sand. You can see pictures and Tawni's take on the day at her blog Life with the Websters.

Before we even got to the beach, we had a picnic on the grass. But boys will be boys...they found a mud puddle to splash in. Shanda of course, got it on film! My son loves, dirt, mud, and anything in between! Oh well, it'll wash...

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