Tuesday, August 10

Brotherly Love

When Caleb first entered the world, Brendan was very curious of this new baby in his life. He didn't understand the strange way this new baby ate, or why Mama hurt and why he couldn't climb all over mama and the new baby or even why Mama was in this strange place called a hospital. Once we brought the baby home, Brendan was quite intrigued. He held the baby for the first time. Held him, gave him kisses, loved him. When Grammi tried to take the baby away he exclaimed "No! Mine!" and would hold out his arms and say "here" wanting to hold the baby longer.
The next day, Brendan realized the baby was not going away, Mama & Daddy are keeping this thing "Ee-ya" (that is Caleb in Brendan speak). Brendan would no longer sit with his little brother, in fact if you were to put Caleb in the couch next to Brendan, he would push him away. "No!" The only way to get a picture of both boys together was to have someone hold Caleb and Brendan would (barely) sit on the couch next to his brother.Mama even went on a craft kick, making cute shirts that said "I am Big" & "I am Small". Still not sitting next to that kid. (although it is difficult to see in the picture with their big cousin Elyse, Brendan is actually pushing Caleb away from him).
The Boys also had, Big Brother/Little Brother shirts. "I'll sit here only because I am watching Mickey's Mouse Clubhouse, but I'm NOT happy about it!"

I hear my mothers voice ringing in my ear from my childhood. "I had you girls close together so you would be friends and all you do is fight!" I guess what goes around comes around.

Finally, the fourth of July, in matching shirts (again) the boys *somewhat* cooperate for a picture together. Brendan is becoming a nice big brother, reading him a story, helping with his pacifier...

The other day, I hear Caleb crying and walk into the living room to see what my boys are up to...uh oh! I caught you being nice to your brother!

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