Thursday, April 30

First Easter

Scott, Brendan and had Easter dinner at his Grandma & Poppy's house out at Salton Sea. They literally live on the edge of the sea itself. I got a picture of Brendan with his G.G.Pat, but somehow I missed getting a picture of Poppy. Although Poppy made a great steak for dinner.

Every family dinner (Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving), Aunt Cindy (pictured with Scott's mom & Brendan) makes name place settings which of course have candy inside. She is so creative and amazing. These little houses were so cute! Brendan's house had organic baby crackers inside. How thoughtful!

Unfortunately, the drive home is about a 2 hour drive, and I had to leave for Chicago the next day, so we had to cut our visit a little short and leave after dinner. I enjoyed the time spent immensely.

After we got home, Brendan took and nap and I packed for Chicago. Later, we let Brendan open his Easter Basket. Brendan got Gerber Apple Juice and a new cup, yogurt drops he can feed himself, A Yellow duck/rattle to snuggle with, an Easter sleeper to sleep in, and 3 toy boats to play with in the bathtub.

Tuesday, April 28

Good-Bye Apartment

We are finally out of our apartment! We are so glad to be out of our old apartment with no central air, no washer and dryer, away from the stairs and the long walk from the car, and into a house with a garage to park our cars (once we get it cleaned out that is). Ahh! Sigh of release!

Oh Wait! The stress is not even close to being over! We still have boxes to go through and unpack, things to find, items to clean and repair in the house... is a house!

So I thought I would share a few pictures to commemorate our apartment leaving. Here is our apartment right before we walked out for the very last time. See how nice and white the stove is? Scott scrubbed that thing to death to get it looking nice, hopefully they don't charge us for it!

On Sunday, our friends Tawni & Rob watched Brendan from 10:00 until 2:30 while we did the final cleaning of the apartment. It was SUCH a help, there is no way we could have cleaned the apartment with Brendan crawling all over the place.

By 3:30 we did the final walk-through (which took about 1 min 30 sec), seemed like a joke, but we turned in our keys, loaded up our cars with the very last load of stuff from our storage bin. Here is Brendan driving our car with the last load of stuff.

I realize that I have not posted any pictures of the inside of the house yet, they will come once I feel a little better about posting pictures of the mess that is my house right now.

Monday, April 27


So am I just one of those psycho parents who think that their child is a baby-genius, or did my baby actually wave bye-bye to daddy this morning??

Thursday, April 23

Easter Picture

I know I am really late on this one, but I wanted to share with all of you the Easter Card that we sent out this year (although Scott was not really thrilled about the bunny ears on his son, I promised never to do anything like that again). My Friend Tawni and I took our sons outside and snapped a few Easter pictures of the boys together. This was the card that I sent out!

If you didn't get a card in the mail, then you are probably not on my mailing list! If you would like to receive other cards like this in the future, e-mail me your address and I will make sure to add you to my list! Now that our family is growing, I am trying to be better about updating everyone with out life and with sending out cards and pictures, maybe next year I will even send out a Christmas Letter/Card.

Happy late Easter!!

Wednesday, April 22

Movin' on up!

Well I think we might actually make it. I fell so unprepared! My house is not done being packed, work is CRAZY BUSY which makes me stress even more and I can't concentrate at work because of the stress of the house which makes work even more stressful! AHH! I think I am making myself sick...

All that to say that I went to my our new house today and saw the paint complete. It looks wonderful! I of course LOVE my red kitchen. My dad worked ALL day on my house, he patched another hole, hung all the bars/racks in the closets, rehung all the lights removed for painting, bought supplies from Home Depot for us, worked on my kitchen sink and I'm sure tons of other stuff that I am leaving out. I don't know where we would be without him! He says that's what dads are for, but I know that I am special, that not all dads would put in that much work, time or energy. I am so thankful for my father!

with all my father's help getting the house ready, it looks like we will hit our goal of moving on Saturday. We hope to start by moving boxes into the house on Friday night so the movers can concentrate on the furniture on Saturday morning. If you are wondering if you can help, we do need a few more people to help Friday night with boxes if you are available, and/or if you have a truck, SUV or a bigger vehicle to put boxes into to move to the new house, that would be great! Moving with a baby (or doing anything with a baby really) can be quite the challenge. If you have time on Friday night or Saturday and would like to spend some time with an adorable baby (Brendan that is) please let me know, we really could use all the help we can get.

Once again, that you all for your thoughts, prayers, concerns and encouragement. Sometimes I wonder if all the stress is worth it, I'm sure in a few months, I'll have forgotten all about the stress...

Tuesday, April 21


We finally have keys to our house! The house officially closed on Friday afternoon. We immediately started working on it. And by we, I mostly mean my father. Read his post about it here. The house was absolutely disgusting, but we scrubbed and cleaned like crazy. The Kitchen had grease everywhere, but dad was able to get most of that off. I am so excited to watch the transformation of the house.

The painters started painting on Monday. I think it will look so much better once there is fresh paint on the wall. We went with Rudy's Painting and Decorating. I have been pleased so far. I will let you know when I see the finished results. So much more work needs to be done! Mostly little things which is nice but truely time consuming.

I don't have much time now, but the important thing is...we have a house! I'll keep you posted - of course!

Sunday, April 12

No House

Well the house did not close on Friday like it was suppose to. Unfortunately, I'm not really surprised. Right now, it seems as though the only thing we are missing are the HOA papers with our signatures. They were ordered on March 26th, but not sent by FedEx until Thursday or Friday of last week. They should get to out Title company on Monday, hopefully our house will close next week.

It was a busy week last week with a lot going on. Sorry I wasn't around, I was off from work on "Vacation" as was my husband, we did some packing and some more stuff for the house, not really a vacation. I will try to keep you all updated.

Friday, April 3

Signed Papers

We are getting closer! Last night Scott and I signed "docs: with the notary, It only took about 30 minutes which was nice and quick. We were told that she doesn't make any promises but it should hopefully be in the middle of next week! I am shocked at how quickly it has all happened, less than two months ago, Scott and I were not even considering buying a house but were looking around for a place to rent, and here we are! It would be nice to have a house by my birthday! Happy Birthday to me!