Friday, July 8

What is church?

As we were driving down Arlington the other day we were pointing things out the window to Brendan. We passed by Fellowship Baptist Church. A nice A-frame church building with a steeple and and a cross. The typical church building from my childhood.

"Brendan, do you see the church?"
Brendan's response "That's not church!"
"No, not our church, but that is a church"
Indignant Brendan argued "No! It's not a church!"
With Brendan's stubborn demeanor lately, we dropped it figuring it really wasn't worth the fight.

After a long 10 hour drive later that evening, we pull off the freeway in Sacramento in an industrial area. Brendan just waking up from a late nap in the car excitedly points out the window at an industrial building and says:

"Look! A church!"

Sandals Church New Building