Thursday, October 14

21 weeks old

Caleb is now 21 weeks old. I keep procrastinating in writing up on update on his development because I feel like there is so much to share!

We finally went to the doctor last week for his 4 1/2 month check-up. We waited there for an hour and a half and still didn't get to see the doctor. I finally told them I would reschedule, Caleb was hungry and tired. Apparently there was a little boy that broke his elbow and the doctor was trying to get him into a surgeon that day. Totally understandable, we would just come back.
So on Tuesday morning, Caleb and I headed back. Caleb now weighs 15 pounds 12 ounces. The doctor took one look at my baby and said "Well it doesn't look like you are missing any meals!" Although he defiantly has some rolls on him, Caleb is at about the 35th percentile on weight and 50th for height.

Caleb has just started wearing 6 month clothing of Brendan's. It is crazy to me that when Brendan was wearing these clothes he was sitting upright.

Caleb certainly is growing and developing. He rolls over both ways and loves to sleep on his belly, almost every time I lay him down to sleep, he flips over onto his tummy. Caleb loves to sit in him Bumbo and see the world. He is still as bald as can be, but is such a happy baby. He smiles at everyone and his laugh is so contagious. On of his favorite trick is pulling his feet up to his mouth, otherwise he just held onto them, they are the cheapest toy around.

Currently he has a cold, the worse on he has had yet, it has been 4 days but it doesn't seem to bother him too much, he still smiles away between his pitiful little coughs.

I could keep going on and on about his development, but instead I think I will just give you recent pictures of our cute little guy!
Happy Boy!
In the Bumbo while Mommy gets ready in the morning
Playing with toes!

Everyone needs naked baby pictures!

Tuesday, October 5

The Train & Meeting Mickey

A couple weekends ago, Scott got up on Sunday morning and announced we were going to go to Disneyland after church. A little surprised, but ready for anything, I got the boys all ready to go. Brendan has been really interested in trains lately, so Scott wanted to take him to ride the train around the park. With that being our only goal of the day, it was a pretty laid back day.

Waiting at the Train Station for the train to come.
Waiting is not easy for a 2 year old, we had just missed the previous train,
which mean he saw it roll away without us.
But he managed, it was worth the wait!

When we got off the train we saw Mickey, so we decided to wait in line.
Brendan watches Mickey Mouse Clubhouse all the time,
so getting to meet Mickey was VERY exciting!
...that was until it was time to actually go up to this giant mouse...
"A bump? Okay, I can give Mickey a bump...but I'm not getting any closer!"
"Shake? I guess I can shake his hand...but that's it..."
"You want me to stand next to this thing? No way am I looking at this camera, I'm not taking my eyes off of you, who knows what you are going to do if I turn my back."

We did end up with a pretty decent family picture with Mickey. It was fun to watch Brendan's expression. Caleb had no idea what was even going on.
Next Daddy treated to Ice Cream. Brendan's favorite.

We rode a couple of rides, including It's a Small World. Then headed home.
That's the nice thing about having a pass, you only spend as long as you want,
because you know, you'll be back!

Sunday, October 3

Picture That! Unka Jon!

Brendan has a great time with all of his relatives. But out of everyone, his favorite is my littlest brother, "Unka Jon!" Whenever my brother comes to town, Brendan gets so excited.
"Jon? Jon?" is all I hear. I love seeing my brother and my son bond.
No question about who the favorite is!

Friday, October 1

October Beginnings

October 1st!
I have been looking forward to October for a while. I am not sure exactly why, but it just feels like a new beginning. Perhaps it is due to the stress at work at the beginning of the school year that I feel “If I can just make it through September…” Either way, I feel refreshed and excited! It is a fresh start!
Here are the reasons I am ready for October:
  1. As stated before, October is just less stressful at work after we get through the push of September. There are fewer deadlines, for October.
  2. Along with that, I have two weeks off from work this month. 2 more weeks of “Family Bonding” that I desperately need.
  3. My MIL comes to visit this month, although she is mostly coming to see my SIL, it will be nice for her to spend some time with my boys. Unfortunately, we do not get to see her as often as we like, so anytime we can is much appreciated.
  4. October brings my new nephew! My SIL is due October 12th. Talk about new beginnings!
  5. And speaking of more family bonging, this month I am taking my boys to Sacramento along with my sister and new niece. We will get to spend a week with my parents, see my grandparents and both my brothers! As well as catch up with a couple friends that I do not see too often.
  6. On our trip to Sacramento, we will take Brendan back to the train museum and hopefully get to ride the train. He has really been on this train kick lately!
  7. A friend of mine just received 2 precious children for adoption this week. I am so excited for her and her family. What a fresh start for her and these children! We are also having an adoption shower for her this month; I know she defiantly needs it!
  8. October brings the start of Christmas shopping for our family! Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love to shop, especially for presents for others!
  9. Scott turns another year older this month, which means a cause for celebration, and for 6 more months he is older than I am!
  10. Brendan will *finally* get his 2 year picture taken this month, as long as we can keep him, bump and bruise and black-eye free for at least one weekend to have pictures taken…
  11. And speaking of pictures, I want/hope to have a family portrait of us taken this month to be ready before the holidays are upon us. Anyone want to volunteer to snap a few photos of our family? Could be fun…(or a lot of work to get two kids halfway decent…)
  12. My sister and I are throwing my best friend a baby shower this month, we love throwing parties, and I love my best friend! Exciting new beginnings…
  13. This month our church will finally (hopefully) be able to move into our new building. An actual church building for the first time.
  14. October brings “Fall” (Southern California style) with pumpkin patches, the outdoors, caramel apples, new Disneyland decorations, and experiencing new things that go along with the season with a toddler.
  15. And OF COURSE October brings Halloween! While I was never a huge fan of the holiday, I get to dress the boys up cute, and Scott just loves Halloween! Especially when he gets to take his son out trick-or-treating.

What an exciting month! God is defiantly blessing us and those close to us. We are going to be busy but have oh so much fun! Wont you join us as we experience this journey? What a month!