Thursday, May 29

The Drive-in

Last Saturday night Scott and I were trying to decide what to do for the evening and what movie we wanted to watch, as a last minute decision, we decided jump in the car and go to the Van Buren Drive In. Did you know that there are only about 400 Drive-ins left in the United States? We are lucky enough to have an affordable place to see movies so close to us! We packed the car with blankets, pillows, soda and snacks, bought a pizza to share and headed down to get a good spot to see the movies.

This outing reminded me so much of my childhood. When we were little and living in a small town, my parents would often take all five of us in our Dodge Caravan to the drive-in. With not much to do in Lompoc, and being a little tight on money, the drive-in was a great, cheap place to go as a family, I think it was like $5.00 a car load! (Valley Drive In Theatre, Lompoc CA, now considered a "Dead Drive-In"). My dad would take the middle bench seat out so we kids could lie on the floor during the movie. Usually, we would watch the first movie and then fall asleep by the second and my parents would enjoy a quiet movie together. The drive-in is where I saw Disney’s The Lion King for the first time.

Not being a big Movie Theater-goer myself; the drive in is a perfect place to go and just enjoy the movies in the comfort of my own...Car. Scott and I discussed our future as we waited for the movie to start. We discussed what kind of movies we would let our kids watch and at what age. I realized that I am going to be pretty strict about the movies my kids see and Scott agreed! We hope the Drive-in will still be around when our baby gets a little older so we can take him to see some movies; although rumor has it that they will be closing the Drive-in and replace it with a Costco.

For this trip, Scott and I saw What Happens in Vegas and Baby Mama. We enjoyed the films, I liked the first one better than the second but both were cute, and of course pretty predictable! I love those kinds of movies! The price is very reasonable (although it has gone up since college). $7.00 for adults, and only $1.00 for kids 2-9.

I encourage all of you, if there is a Drive-in near you, to take advantage of such a great deal while they are still around! Two movies for less than the price of one! Who can beat that?

Tuesday, May 27

Great Weekend - Great Friends!

I just love three day weekends! This past weekend I wanted to go camping with some friends but when I spoke to my PA at my last doctor's visit to ask if I could go, she acted as if I were crazy! (Although her reason for me not going was "there are bugs and disease out there" so I bet I would have been fine). Instead Scott and I just hung around at home and enjoyed time with friends.

Friday night we had a Barbecue at a friend’s house. Our friend David is determined to use his new BBQ as much as possible this summer, unfortunately, it was raining on Friday! So the girls just cooked the food inside. It was a very enjoyable night as we just spent some quality time together (at least with the girls as the guys find it manly to sit outside in the rain around a fire-pit). The weekend started well and continued on in such a way, we spent time with friends almost everyday of the weekend, including my best friend from 3rd grade. We don't get very much time to spend with just us so it was nice to be able to hang out with her and her husband and just relax together.

This weekend was full of good times with great friends. It really made me appreciate the friends that I have in the area and how much they mean to us. Scott and I have a great support group that live so close to us. I know that I appreciate it now, but I will appreciate it even more once the Baby gets here. Friends have always been important to me, sometimes I just don't tell them enough how much they mean to me!

Friday, May 23

First Blog

I have been telling myself for a while that I was going to start a blog about my new baby coming in July. It has now been about a month since I started setting this up and so I thought I would post my first blog.

Last weekend I had my baby shower, which is primarily what prompted me to start this, so family and friends could be kept up to date with all that is going on in our lives. The baby shower was great, my sister held it at her new house which she had only been in for 3 days! I received a lot of very nice gifts and having all my friends and family there to support me meant to much!

For now, I am just going to post some pictures, but this is a start!