Tuesday, May 27

Great Weekend - Great Friends!

I just love three day weekends! This past weekend I wanted to go camping with some friends but when I spoke to my PA at my last doctor's visit to ask if I could go, she acted as if I were crazy! (Although her reason for me not going was "there are bugs and disease out there" so I bet I would have been fine). Instead Scott and I just hung around at home and enjoyed time with friends.

Friday night we had a Barbecue at a friend’s house. Our friend David is determined to use his new BBQ as much as possible this summer, unfortunately, it was raining on Friday! So the girls just cooked the food inside. It was a very enjoyable night as we just spent some quality time together (at least with the girls as the guys find it manly to sit outside in the rain around a fire-pit). The weekend started well and continued on in such a way, we spent time with friends almost everyday of the weekend, including my best friend from 3rd grade. We don't get very much time to spend with just us so it was nice to be able to hang out with her and her husband and just relax together.

This weekend was full of good times with great friends. It really made me appreciate the friends that I have in the area and how much they mean to us. Scott and I have a great support group that live so close to us. I know that I appreciate it now, but I will appreciate it even more once the Baby gets here. Friends have always been important to me, sometimes I just don't tell them enough how much they mean to me!

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