Friday, January 29

Brendan's Monkey

Remember Brendan's Monkey? His best friend that went everywhere with him?

The one that has been there since the beginning?

The monkey that made it into professional pictures and family portraits?

His Friend, comfort, sleep aid and constant companion?

Yeah! That one!

He's gone. I can't find him anywhere. The sad thing is, I don't even know where we lost him at! The last time we really saw him was on Sunday, January 3rd. He came to Disneyland with us, and was carried around all over the park!

I know we made it home with him that day. But I can't remember where we may have taken him next where we lost him. I have called 3 Targets, 2 Restaurants, Costco, Daycare...He is no where to be found.

So if anyone sees a little monkey laying around missing a little boy to love, let me know!

Thursday, January 28

Bella Band

Oh BellaBand,
I love you and hate you.

I love that you provide additional support
to my tummy on long days,
I love that you help keep my pants
with real buttons around my waist,
and how you help the maternity pants without enough elastic.
I love that you can be folded to provide
different levels of support and comfort.

But most of all, I hate that it takes that much longer to get my pants off to go to the bathroom.
Because, let me tell you, when someone is using your bladder as a bean-bag chair -
Every second counts!

Happy Boy!

A few smiles for the camera during play time. 18 months old and still enjoying life!

Wednesday, January 27

First Hair Cut

Well Brendan turned 18 months last week and I conceded that it was finally time for a hair cut. Actually I had been trying since Thanksgiving but every time we tried either something came up, Brendan got sick or there were no appointments available. So this weekend we were finally able to take Brendan to get his hair cut.

The Before:
The Hair Cut:

The Big Boy after look:

They were very sweet and gave us a little certificate for his first hair cut, they also kept a bit of hair for me to keep in his baby book, but they taped over it completely so it looks really funny. Luckily, I also picked up a curl that had been cut off, so I was able to put it in the little pocket in Brendan's baby book. Overall he did fairly well. He didn't squirm too much, you know, for being a 1 year old. He did try to help with the comb they gave him. Now my baby is really turning into a little bot, but a handsome one I must say (as a mother).

I also want to give a small shout out to Great-Grandma Reed. Brendan got to wear his new shoes and shirt that we purchased with the Christmas Gift Card from G.G. Reed. Brendan was in desperate need of new shoes, and I just think they are adorable!!

Monday, January 25

Pregnancy, Ultrasounds & Updates

It has been a while since I have updated my blog on my pregnancy. So I thought I would catch you up on my "progress" and what has been going on lately since I am now 24 weeks pregnant.
  • Although all the books say I should be "feeling good" at this point, I'm not sure if I am really there. Since I am in my second trimester, usually morning sickness goes away. Unfortunately for me, my morning sickness got worse after Christmas. After a couple weeks, it seemed to get better.
  • The baby is moving like crazy! I can even see his movements when I just watch my tummy. It is actually one of the most enjoyable moments of my day, when I can sit back with my hands on my tummy, feeling his movements. My mom was able to feel a few of his movements when really concentrating at Christmas time. Scott of course has also felt the baby move and kick.
  • I have had 3 doctor appointments since my last update. I feel like I have had a lot lately, and it gets a little frustrating to have to miss work for this many appointments.
  • Scott was able to go with me to the Ultrasound a few days before Christmas. We were able to confirm that the baby is indeed a boy. No doubt about it!
  • I then had an appointment with my normal doctor, who referred me back to the specialist for a few more tests.
  • The specialist did another ultrasound. This time I didn't get to see as much of the baby as they were mostly doing measurements of the head and heart and such. Luckily, the appointment was quick and they said I shouldn't have to go back to the specialist again for this pregnancy.
  • I am suppose to have another appointment today, but I think I am going to have to reschedule. I am sick today and not sure if they want me to come in.
  • I didn't realize how much earlier I was showing with this pregnancy. I knew I began to show early, but I looked back on pictures of myself halfway through the pregnancy with Brendan and was shocked at how much bigger I am with this one. Unfortunately, with no scale at home, I am not sure how much weight I have gained. That is something I am going to ask the doctor at my next appointment. I don't want to gain too much weight!
  • I have been experiencing a lot more braxton-hicks contractions lately. Some are even uncomfortable for me. They come on especailly after I do a lot of walking. Even walking in form the back of the parking lot at work carrying my laptop. I think I am going to talk to my doctor about these as well. I know that it is possible to get them at this point in the pregnancy, but it still feels too early for me.
  • Scott and I started our baby registries this weekend. BabiesRus & Target. We haven't registered for a lot since there isn't too much that we need with this one. There are a few things that I didn't have with Brendan that I wish that I did. So we registered for them, and maybe we will see. We are still planning on keeping this pregnancy at a lower key since it is our second.
  • Overall I think I am doing well. Completely in Maternity clothes at this point, feeling pretty good although I am still tired most of the time and i have to remind myself to slow down, take things easy and not try to do too much. I am excited for the weeks ahead as I get further into my pregnancy.

Thursday, January 14

Day Four....and counting

Today we are on day four of Brendan's sickness. It started Monday afternoon. Marion called me at work at 4:30 saying that Brendan had just gotten a high fever and I needed to come pick him up. Luckily, Brendan was the only one at day care that day, so hopefully we did not spread his germs to too many kids. When I picked him up, his fever was 101.7. I cancelled my plans and stayed home with him Monday night, not realizing I would be spending the next 72 hours (and counting) at home with a sick child wishing for a reason to go out into the world....

I keep trying to think of where he got this from. The doctor says these viruses are "a dime a dozen, almost every kid out there is contagious." I don't think he got it from Day Care. My guess is from a kid at church on Sunday morning. That is the most logical considering he started showing symptoms on Monday. I guess it doesn't really matter. The important thing is that he will be okay, if we could even just get this fever to go away!

This does make my 3rd day off from work, and although you would think I would be enjoying this break from my job, I am not. It is actually just stressing me out more. This is not a good time for my office to be off, and it is not like I am able to go places with Brendan (Disneyland, Aquarium, even the mall) instead, I am stuck here in this house with a very fussy, hot toddler who cannot express what he wants. Although, I am pretty sure even he doesn't really know what he wants.

Yesterday we had a fairly normal temperature for most of the day, I thought we were on the mend and I would be able to head back to work. But last night when Brendan woke up crying at 1:30 am, his temperature had gone back up to 103.2. Here we go again.

This morning at 8:30 it was 101 and I knew it would be another day in the house. We did make it outside the house for about half an hour as I pushed Brendan on the swing on our front porch. If I had more energy, I probably would have taken a walk with the stroller around the neighborhood.

I do feel bad for him. Having a fever for this long must be very uncomfortable. The doctor says there is not much we can do; Tylenol, and wait it out. The fever could last 3-7 days. I try to have patience with him, but the truth is I am going crazy. He doesn't want to eat, but he stands in the kitchen crying. I can't get any work done because he wants to be held all the time. I just wish he could express himself better than just standing there crying.

The good news is that he is currently down for a nap. Which means, I had time to shower, load & run the dishwasher, write this blog post, and now I need to fold a load of laundry before he wakes up. Pray for us! I hope it ends soon!

Monday, January 11

Christmas Eve

For Christmas Eve this year, Scott's Mom and I (and Brendan) headed out to have a nice Breakfast at Mimi's Cafe (I told you it was one of my favorites). It is not too often when we get an opportunity to just visit, so we had a nice breakfast and a great start to our Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve was spent at Grandma & Poppy's (Scott's grandparents) house out at the Salton Sea. This was the first time since Scott and I have been together that all the cousins were able to be together for Christmas. Which means there were 4 Great-Grandchildren running around with 2 more on the way! Although it was crowded, it was nice to see the family all together and to experience Christmas surrounded by those you care about!

Although I always seem to have my camera with me, I have been very bad about taking pictures recently, unfortunately, I was not able to capture most people at Christmas Eve, nor the real feel of the evening.
Brendan & Elyse watching the singing ornament on the tree. Brendan made us play it over and over and over....

Brendan cuddling with Daddy

Kevin (Scott's Cousin) & Holly. Holly is actually due with her baby 2 days after me! We are very excited!

Friday, January 8

Christmas #2

Although Scott had two full weeks off of work, I had to work on Monday. It was actually our busiest work day of the year, I did not get home until 11:00pm. We really started celebrating on Wednesday the 23rd. I started the morning with Breakfast with the girls at Mimi’s, one of my favorite place for Breakfast. Since Shanda currently lives in Texas, it is very nice to spend time together. I have so many memories of Shanda, but that is a different post for a different time.

Jenni, Tawni, Shanda & Myself at Mimi’s

After breakfast with the girls, I went home to get ready for lunch (I feel as though all I really did was eat during Christmas). Our lunch was very special. Scott’s Uncle Kirby & Aunt Cindy took us out for a late lunch at the melting pot. My sister was able to watch Brendan so we could enjoy a nice long, peaceful lunch. Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures of the wonderful meal, but the afternoon was so enjoyable. The food (of course), the company, the conversation.

Thank you so much Uncle Kirby & Aunt Cindy!

Christmas #1

I guess the best place for me to start my updates is with Christmas, being that is what has "kept" me from my blog. Scott and I actually celebrated multiple times with family. That is one of the things I enjoy most about Christmas, spending time with family and friends, making time for each other and the time to spend with them.

Our first Christmas was spend with Scott's dad on Sunday the 20th. Scott's sister & niece were able to come up from San Diego to join in the festivities. Although it was not a tradition sort of Christmas gathering, it was really an enjoyable time with family. Grandpa Keys enjoyed seeing his Grandchildren together and spoiling them with toys and clothes.
Elyse is trying to get Brendan to wear the Angels Hat that Grandpa Keys got for Baby Keys for Christmas, it is the perfect size for Brendan to wear for now!

Brendan sitting in Grandpa Keys' Rocking Chair

Brendan with his first experience in unwrapping presents this holiday, he got pretty good at it!

The Grandchildren were not the only ones spoiled, Scott received a Shop Vac for the Garage as well as additional tools to add to his collection, which keeps growing every year! I received cash that was intended for me to spend on myself only! I did share however, and we purchased items for the family together at Target.

Since we don't get to see Grandpa Keys very often, it was really nice to spend the afternoon together, and really appreciate family.

Thursday, January 7

I'm Back!

Being off of work for two weeks really set me in vacation mode. I took a break from everything it seems! I must admit it was nice, but I figure now that Scott and I are back to work, all relatives have gone home, and Brendan is getting back to his normal routine, perhaps it is time for me to also get back to life. That includes, cleaning house *sigh*, taking down Christmas Decorations (don't judge me), cooking again, and most importantly updating my blog! I know you must all be dying to know how our Christmas was! Okay, so I know my life isn't really that exciting that you are all sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for my posts to come through; but I would like to get the blog up to date. We had a very busy & eventful holiday so I will do my best to get postings up as time permits, I guess you can't stay on vacation forever.