Friday, January 8

Christmas #1

I guess the best place for me to start my updates is with Christmas, being that is what has "kept" me from my blog. Scott and I actually celebrated multiple times with family. That is one of the things I enjoy most about Christmas, spending time with family and friends, making time for each other and the time to spend with them.

Our first Christmas was spend with Scott's dad on Sunday the 20th. Scott's sister & niece were able to come up from San Diego to join in the festivities. Although it was not a tradition sort of Christmas gathering, it was really an enjoyable time with family. Grandpa Keys enjoyed seeing his Grandchildren together and spoiling them with toys and clothes.
Elyse is trying to get Brendan to wear the Angels Hat that Grandpa Keys got for Baby Keys for Christmas, it is the perfect size for Brendan to wear for now!

Brendan sitting in Grandpa Keys' Rocking Chair

Brendan with his first experience in unwrapping presents this holiday, he got pretty good at it!

The Grandchildren were not the only ones spoiled, Scott received a Shop Vac for the Garage as well as additional tools to add to his collection, which keeps growing every year! I received cash that was intended for me to spend on myself only! I did share however, and we purchased items for the family together at Target.

Since we don't get to see Grandpa Keys very often, it was really nice to spend the afternoon together, and really appreciate family.

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