Monday, January 11

Christmas Eve

For Christmas Eve this year, Scott's Mom and I (and Brendan) headed out to have a nice Breakfast at Mimi's Cafe (I told you it was one of my favorites). It is not too often when we get an opportunity to just visit, so we had a nice breakfast and a great start to our Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve was spent at Grandma & Poppy's (Scott's grandparents) house out at the Salton Sea. This was the first time since Scott and I have been together that all the cousins were able to be together for Christmas. Which means there were 4 Great-Grandchildren running around with 2 more on the way! Although it was crowded, it was nice to see the family all together and to experience Christmas surrounded by those you care about!

Although I always seem to have my camera with me, I have been very bad about taking pictures recently, unfortunately, I was not able to capture most people at Christmas Eve, nor the real feel of the evening.
Brendan & Elyse watching the singing ornament on the tree. Brendan made us play it over and over and over....

Brendan cuddling with Daddy

Kevin (Scott's Cousin) & Holly. Holly is actually due with her baby 2 days after me! We are very excited!

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