Thursday, January 7

I'm Back!

Being off of work for two weeks really set me in vacation mode. I took a break from everything it seems! I must admit it was nice, but I figure now that Scott and I are back to work, all relatives have gone home, and Brendan is getting back to his normal routine, perhaps it is time for me to also get back to life. That includes, cleaning house *sigh*, taking down Christmas Decorations (don't judge me), cooking again, and most importantly updating my blog! I know you must all be dying to know how our Christmas was! Okay, so I know my life isn't really that exciting that you are all sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for my posts to come through; but I would like to get the blog up to date. We had a very busy & eventful holiday so I will do my best to get postings up as time permits, I guess you can't stay on vacation forever.

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