Wednesday, January 27

First Hair Cut

Well Brendan turned 18 months last week and I conceded that it was finally time for a hair cut. Actually I had been trying since Thanksgiving but every time we tried either something came up, Brendan got sick or there were no appointments available. So this weekend we were finally able to take Brendan to get his hair cut.

The Before:
The Hair Cut:

The Big Boy after look:

They were very sweet and gave us a little certificate for his first hair cut, they also kept a bit of hair for me to keep in his baby book, but they taped over it completely so it looks really funny. Luckily, I also picked up a curl that had been cut off, so I was able to put it in the little pocket in Brendan's baby book. Overall he did fairly well. He didn't squirm too much, you know, for being a 1 year old. He did try to help with the comb they gave him. Now my baby is really turning into a little bot, but a handsome one I must say (as a mother).

I also want to give a small shout out to Great-Grandma Reed. Brendan got to wear his new shoes and shirt that we purchased with the Christmas Gift Card from G.G. Reed. Brendan was in desperate need of new shoes, and I just think they are adorable!!


Christina said...

very handsome!

Kevin and Bekah said...

He is such an adorable boy. I jsut want to kiss him and kiss him.

Random Thoughts said...

Today the first haircut, tomorrow the world... He's too cute for words!