Friday, January 29

Brendan's Monkey

Remember Brendan's Monkey? His best friend that went everywhere with him?

The one that has been there since the beginning?

The monkey that made it into professional pictures and family portraits?

His Friend, comfort, sleep aid and constant companion?

Yeah! That one!

He's gone. I can't find him anywhere. The sad thing is, I don't even know where we lost him at! The last time we really saw him was on Sunday, January 3rd. He came to Disneyland with us, and was carried around all over the park!

I know we made it home with him that day. But I can't remember where we may have taken him next where we lost him. I have called 3 Targets, 2 Restaurants, Costco, Daycare...He is no where to be found.

So if anyone sees a little monkey laying around missing a little boy to love, let me know!


Random Thoughts said...

HOW AWFUL! I just loved that little monkey with Brendan.

She-Davis said...

Taylor has a monkey too! We have like 8 of them though... just in case. She'd be a wreck without them!