Monday, June 29

Mommy & Me


Last week was our family week together, I called it a staycation and Scott had never heard the term thought it was great!

We started the week at Disneyland. We went straight from church and spent Father's day at Disneyland. We went back again on Monday. We were able to stay on Sunday to see the new fireworks show, Brendan actually did really well for being up so late, he loved watching the fireworks show, I thought he would fall asleep but he watched the entire thing in my arms with Daddy holding us both. This Disneyland trip was great ass Brendan is getting so much more interactive and since he is starting to walk, we were able to walk around holding his hand and letting him experience it more than sitting in a stroller.

Happy Father's Day!

Brendan loved it's a small world, we were impressed with the small changes Disney had made to the ride to make it more "Disney" Brendan sat very still through the entire ride, there was so much to look at!

Brendan liked meeting Sully but was a little nervous about his size.

Then he couldn't keep his eyes off of this giant blue man.

Goofy was on his way backstage and wasn't suppose to be stopping for pictures, but apparently it is hard not to stop for a baby! We were lucky to get a picture with goofy and he played with Brendan.

Sunday, June 28

Walking on Film

I know that it has been a while since I promised I would get a video of Brendan walking. My child has quite a mind of his own and will only do it on his timing. The girls and I were finally able to capture a few steps on film. This was about a week and a half ago (sorry it took so long to post). He is now walking so much better, we are up to about 8 steps at a time.

Enjoy a few of the first steps, it took a few times with the video camera before we were able to really capture his steps.

First Attempt:



Saturday, June 20

Long Vacation

I was looking back on my previous posts from one year ago and I realized that it was a year ago that I went on maternity leave. This was my time to prepare for the baby. (Although I didn't expect to have SO much time off before the baby since Brendan does things on his own timing, hm, a lot like his mother!)

So here I am, one year later, going on a break! In California, a new parent (mom or dad) gets an additional 6 weeks of Paid Family Leave, or "Baby Bonding". It is not full pay, but disability pay, but it is nice to have the opportunity to bond with your new baby. These 6 weeks have to be taken within the first year of the baby's life. Since Brendan is now 11 months old, I figured I had better take my leave, or I would loose it.

The past few weeks have been really crazy at work as my boss and I completed our University Catalog for the president. Trying to be proactive and get it out sooner than the past two years, we set a goal for ourselves. Then we called the president to make sure that he would be available to approve the catalog on that date. Silly us, the president then moved our goal date up on us, so needless to say, I have been a little stressed lately. Luckily, we hit our goal and I was able to get everything off my desk before leaving! Whew, what I relief!

Unfortunately, I am not taking the full 6 weeks (or 12 weeks if you take the 6 weeks of non pay). I know it sounds silly, but I just couldn't be away from my job for that long! Instead I am taking a nice 3 week break. I am so excited for this time off and excited to spend this time with Brendan now that he is even more responsive, interactive and WALKING! I have quite a full 3 weeks ahead of me! Next week is our Family time to spend some real quality time together! I'll keep you posted as I experience it!

I really needed this break!

Monday, June 15


Brendan turned 11 months yesterday and conquered a major accomplishment! He took his first steps! No he had been taking a step here and there from the couch to the coffee table and so on, he also has been able to stand on his own for a week or so. But yesterday, Brendan stood up in the living room floor and took 4 steps to the couch where Daddy was sitting! We were so excited and of course Brendan also clapped for his achievement.

The rest of the evening he continued to make progress! He is actually a pretty fast learner. He only took about 3 to 4 steps in a row each time, but was able to master this small feat multiple times. He gained a bit more confidence each time. Although this morning, he had lost his confidence and wouldn't let go of my legs. He'll get it soon enough!

Sadly, we didn't catch it on film, in fact, Brendan never really cooperates when a camera is up and ready. But we will try to capture some footage on film tonight for you Grandparents who are dying to see him! Scott and I were exited that we both were there to witness these steps!

We are very proud of our little achiever! 11 months old! He will be running by his first birthday!
Speaking of 1st birthday...I better get planning that...

Friday, June 12


I am so thankful for Friday. This week has been extremely tiring and stressful. It was a long week, on Wednesday, I felt like it was Friday. I am really looking forward to the weekend and our fun plans. We will be hanging out with our friends Tawni & Rob, I am in need of a break, a mini vacation of sorts! I will post an update with pictures next week of our fun weekend.

Now, I just need to survive the rest of the work day!

Happy Friday everyone!

Thursday, June 11

Our Little Handyman

Since buying the new house we have had a bunch of little things that need to be done. Luckily, we have friends like Dave that have been extremely helpful with our house.
Dave came over a couple weeks ago and noticed that our ceiling fans wouldn't come on, they weren't connected to a light switch and even when I put new bulbs in, they wouldn't come on. Dave decided to fix it for us! (Okay, I may have bribed him with cookies or cake...I can't remember). Brendan was so intrigued by his handyman skills.
Let's just say, Dave didn't really mind the attention from an adoring fan.
"Can I help? I've got the tape measure!"
"No? What about a rubber ducky instead?"

He has so much to learn! Thanks Dave for fixing our lights! We can now see in every room of the house!

Thursday, June 4

New Pictures

On Monday, Tawni and I took our cute little babies to get a few pictures taken. Although we didn't get as many options of the two of them smiling together as we had hoped, there were a couple of good shots. as well as a great shot of Brendan with his teeth! The funny thing is that while we were at the mall, we have at least 7 people ask us if they were twins! Do they look like they could be twins at all?? The one below is my favorite picture of Sammy & Brendan. If you have time, swing on over to Tawni's Blog to see her take on the pictures, and more options! It has been so nice to have the boys play together recently. I am excited as they get older that we can do more events together with the boys.

My next toy I want to buy for Brendan is one of those cheap baby wading pools for my backyard. Wouldn't Brendan & Sammy have a blast just splashing around? Maybe next weekend I'll head on out to ToysRus...

Wednesday, June 3

Cracker Crumbs

Seriously, this could happen. Now I know what you are thinking, there is no way a mother would let her child eat off the floor, right? But I'm warning you, it is not that far off base.
Now I'm not saying that it has happened to me. But it could happen to someone.

Hypothetical situation: A mischievous, crawling baby, who has been a royal terror for most of the evening, finds a bag of Ritz crackers in his diaper bag, and starts to bang them around on the floor until there is not one whole cracker left in the bag. Perhaps this cheap, non "Ziploc" brand bag then opens with crumbs flinging all over the living room tile. Let's just say that at this point the mother is probably exhausted, and just thankful for the opportunity to have five minutes to sit and eat a cup of minestrone soup. She probably would just allowed the mischievous child to enjoy the treats he has now produced, within reach, all over the floor.
Mama and Baby are both happy.
The End.

Purely Hypothetical.