Thursday, June 4

New Pictures

On Monday, Tawni and I took our cute little babies to get a few pictures taken. Although we didn't get as many options of the two of them smiling together as we had hoped, there were a couple of good shots. as well as a great shot of Brendan with his teeth! The funny thing is that while we were at the mall, we have at least 7 people ask us if they were twins! Do they look like they could be twins at all?? The one below is my favorite picture of Sammy & Brendan. If you have time, swing on over to Tawni's Blog to see her take on the pictures, and more options! It has been so nice to have the boys play together recently. I am excited as they get older that we can do more events together with the boys.

My next toy I want to buy for Brendan is one of those cheap baby wading pools for my backyard. Wouldn't Brendan & Sammy have a blast just splashing around? Maybe next weekend I'll head on out to ToysRus...

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Rebekah said...

It's hard to get babies to do what you want when you want. You guys did a good job just to get one shot of them both smiling!