Thursday, June 11

Our Little Handyman

Since buying the new house we have had a bunch of little things that need to be done. Luckily, we have friends like Dave that have been extremely helpful with our house.
Dave came over a couple weeks ago and noticed that our ceiling fans wouldn't come on, they weren't connected to a light switch and even when I put new bulbs in, they wouldn't come on. Dave decided to fix it for us! (Okay, I may have bribed him with cookies or cake...I can't remember). Brendan was so intrigued by his handyman skills.
Let's just say, Dave didn't really mind the attention from an adoring fan.
"Can I help? I've got the tape measure!"
"No? What about a rubber ducky instead?"

He has so much to learn! Thanks Dave for fixing our lights! We can now see in every room of the house!

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