Friday, January 9

Friendship Friday - My Neighbor & Handyman

Every time Scott and I start talking about moving out of our apartment, my mother reminds me; “You know you can’t take your handyman man with you.” “My” handyman man is Dave. Dave lives below us with his wife and one of my best friends Jenni. Dave is the one I call when I need help, although I love my husband to death, he is not very good with tools, fixing things or common sense of how to fix things. (I love you hunny!) Dave on the other hand, has installed ceiling fans for me, driven to my work after my car died and replaced my car battery while I was at work. Dave has fixed so many things for me; I can not even begin to count them. Part of it is his job, Dave works for the apartment complex that we live in and so many things he does for us are part of his job, but they get done right away for us! Many other things that Dave does for us are NOT part of his job, he just is so giving that he helps us out. It has also been nice that Scott and Dave get along so well. Jenni and I introduced our men Valentine's weekend 2005. This was the first time we all hung out as the four of us. After that we hung out all the time, we went places and did things together. Aquarium of the pacific, Balboa Island, Dave & Busters, Disneyland and so much more. After Dave & Jenni got married and lived next to us we were more than just neighbors, we were close friends.

Our friend and handyman is leaving me! They are moving to a house, yeah I know, good for them. But sad for us! Losing Dave is sad, but for me, losing Jenni is worse! No longer will I have a friend just downstairs to run to when I get upset, or borrow oil as I bake a last minute cake at 9:00 at night, or to stop by just to say hi after work before I go upstairs, or have someone check my mail when I am out of town. Just a couple weeks ago Jenni called me to say "your baby has been screaming for an hour and a half, do you want me to take him so you can have a break?" She then watched my screaming, teething child for two hours as I got my house clean and went to the grocery store. Have a close friend is good, but having one as a neighbor is wonderful! Jenni tells me that they only moved a couple miles away and it wont change much, but I am sad to see my friend leave. I know I am being selfish by wanting them to stay next door forever, but for the past 3 ½ years, that is where she has been. Good luck in your new house Jenni & Dave, I really am happy for you!

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