Wednesday, January 14

Happy Birthday Brother!

My brother and I have always been pretty close, although we are 5 years different in age, we have gotten along very well over the years. Being that he was younger, I beat up on him growing up, and now that he towers over me - he beats me up. We still tease each other, but I love my brother dearly, as strange as he is! It was nice to see him at Christmas and spend what short time we had together with him. It was also nice for him to get to see his nephew again.

Today, my brother turns 21, a scary day for the world. Today is also my son's half birthday! He is now 6 months old. As a tribute to both of them (plus I have been experimenting with my new video camera) I wanted to post a short video of my brother and his nephew. Enjoy!

It is really only the first half is of J.T. and Brendan, the rest you can just ignore. I haven't figured out how to edit it out....

Happy Birthday J.T.!

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jeff said...

i love you rachel, thank you so much. -your brother