Monday, January 12

Date Night

After Christmas, my mother stayed in town for a few extra days. Scott and I took advantage of Grandma being in town and asked to to watch Brendan for one night as Scott and I went out. This brought up the point that even though Brendan is at Day Care every day, I have a hard time leaving him with people for Scott and I to have a date. My mom brought up a good point that we should be trading off with another couple.

I asked our friends Tawni & Rob if they wanted to trade off with us. We will watch Sammy one week while they have a night to themselves and then the next week, they will watch Brendan. I am really looking froward to a scheduled date night. Even if we just stay home and have a quiet dinner just the two of us, that sounds great to me!
Tonight is the first night, we are watching Sammy to give Tawni & Rob an opportunity to spend the evening together.

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Christina said...

That is such a great idea! That is so awesome that you and Tawni are raising your boys together and can do things like "date night." Good for you! :)