Friday, January 30

Friendship Friday - My Husband

This probably will not be the only post about my husband on a Friendship Friday, mostly because, he is my best friend. At times he may drive me crazy, but I still want to be around him, experience new things with him and grow old together. I love watching my husband be a father. Since I have worked with young children practically my entire life, many things I have experienced with motherhood have been expected (not all, but many). I know the basics of baby care. My husband on the other hand, has not been around many babies for extensive amounts of time. He knew how to change a diaper, bathe and feed a child, but many other things he had never experienced before . He he trying hard and love Brendan very much. I love that we are growing together as a family.

Last weekend, we took a drive and went to Long Beach. No special reason, just because. We walked around, looked at shops and enjoyed our time together. Here is one of the pictures of Scott and Brendan that I just love.

Another reason that I wanted to mention my husband today was for yesterday evening. Yesterday I came home from work, Scott and Brendan were sitting together on the couch, and there were roses on the table. What a sweet and thoughtful husband I have!


Kevin and Bekah said...

Sounds like he really did feel bad about taking the car seat.

Shanda said...

Good job, Scott! :o)