Tuesday, February 3

Tagged for picture

So I have now been tagged 3 times to past this picture (I'm sure you all have seen this on blog everywhere). Bekah was the first to tag me, so this is for her! Since I have pictures both at home and work, this picture comes from those I have at work.

This picture was taken at Disneyland, if you couldn't tell already, this is me with Daisy Duck. This was one of my favorite days. Shanda, my first roommate in college, won free tickets for Disneyland's 50th celebration. The day Disneyland was closed to the public and only special ticket holders (Park employees and their families, the press, and a few others) were allowed in. Shanda took me along! We were so excited, even though we both had Disneyland passes at the time. On this day, there were characters everywhere, really short lines and new things all over the park to commemorate 50 years. Shanda and I had a great time, one of my favorite memories with her! I really miss going to Disneyland with her, every time I go, I think if her.

Anyway, that is my story! I think almost everyone has been tagged, but I will tag Casey, My mother-in-law Darla, and Melissa Lamberth. The rules, in case people are unclear, you have to go to where you store your pictures, select the 4th folder, then the 4th picture. Post the picture on your blog with a story explaining the picture.

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