Wednesday, February 4


Today I took an early lunch to go and see a house for rent. I made the appointment yesterday afternoon, it was for a nice 1 story, 3 bedroom, 2 bath house with new appliances, new carpet, Central AC and 2 car garage. It sounded like a great place for us to rent. Like I said, I made the appointment yesterday afternoon for today at 11:15. I left work a little before 11, it was suppose to take me 10 min to drive but of course there was road work so it took me 20 minutes which was a bit frustrating. I get to the house, look around, NO ONE IS THERE! I try to find the phone number to call the lady, and my phone dies! I wait another 10 minutes and STILL NO ONE! Mad as can be, I drive back to work. I have now just wasted my lunch hour and didn't get anything to eat. I call the agent that was suppose to show me the house and her response? "My boss rented the house out yesterday." THAT'S IT?? I tell her that I drove all the way there and waste my lunch hour and you couldn't bother to tell me it was already rented out!!??!!?? Her response to me was "Well, my boss just told me this morning at 10:00...


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Robyn said...

Your house is out there somewhere. You will find it soon.