Friday, February 20

Puppy Love - My Nephews

Those of you who know me, know that I am not a huge dog fan. In fact, I don't really like dogs at all. I am actually afraid of dogs as well. It probably started when my sister and I were young, walking our aunts little dogs through a campground when a HUGE (not even exaggerating) black dog with blue tongue (seriously) started chasing us with his chain lease dragging behind him. I remember picking up the little dogs and running like crazy...I'm not sure what happened after that, we apparently lost the dog or he got tired of chasing us, but it still scared the tar out of me! I have not liked dogs ever since.

Don't get me wrong, there are a few dogs that I do like. I love my parent's dog Abby who has finally calmed down in her old age. Scott's cousins have a dog, Wendy who is a great dog that I would love to have. But as a whole, I don't like dogs. They smell, they jump, they lick, they bark, the slobber...they chase you...

If you have read my sisters blog at all, you know that she and her husband have become proud parents of Two puppies. I LOVED the puppies when they were brand new, now they are getting really big and are not as cuddly, but I think I still love them. Charlie will lay in my lap, Bubba will let Brendan play with his tail, and they both love to run and play. Bekah is training them to NOT jump, lick, or bite. I am sure they will become well behaved dogs that I will grow to love.

My sister just sent me a couple pictures of her babies. So here are my Nephews! Charlie & Bubba.
Here are the puppies when they were brand new, they were so little!


Kevin and Bekah said...

That blue tongue dog was scary! I remember picking up Teddy and Tiley by their harnesses! I'm pretty sure we ran into the trailor and did't come out for a few hours. I'm guessing that giant dog just wanted to play, but I wasn't going to stick around to find out!

My boys will still crawl into your lap, they just don't fit very well anymore. I can't beleive how fast they have grown!

JT Reed said...

Mom remembers the dog story too. Pismo Beach at Thanksgiving.