Wednesday, January 28

25 Random Things about me

I found this on my friend Elizabeth's blog and as always, she entertains me. So I thought that I would continue the post. You may join in as well if you would like!

1. I secretly wish I had become a hair-dresser and had gone to beauty school instead of getting a Bachelors degree in Philosophy. Even though I am not very good at hair or make-up.

2. I have no desire to travel outside of the county, although I complain that the only place other than the U.S. that I have been to is Ensenada.

3. I love watching Brendan grow-up and learn new things, but part of me want him to go back to three months old when he just wanted me to hold him in my arms.

4. I have an excessive need to make lists, shopping lists, to-do lists, party lists, lists of resolutions. I usually lose them after they are complete.

5. I would much rather text someone than give them a call. I know it is less personal that way, but it is faster and easier.

6. I actually hate Valentines day.

7. I love to throw parties, although I don't think I am very good at it.

8. I used to love to cook....until I got married.

9. I have a shopping addiction; it is my stress reliever.

10. When I am feeling depressed I love to watch chick flicks. My current favorite Chick-flick is The Wedding Date.

11. Past favorites include: Notting Hill, You've Got Mail, and from High School, She's all that.

12. I do not like going to the movies, I get bored halfway through, even if it is a really good movie. I also do not compromise, I only go see movies that I want to see. If I am going to pay $10.00 to sit through a movie, it better be one that I REALLY like.

13. I sometimes feel guilty for not wanting to be a stay at home mom.

14. I love to wear a ribbon bow in my hair and pearls, I feel so feminine; although now I feel too old to wear ribbons in my hair.

15. I love wearing suits to work, but can rarely afford them.

16. Some Saturdays, my husband has to bribe me with McDonald's breakfast to get me out of bed.

17. I believe that rules should be followed, they are there for a reason. I am a rule follower (most of the time).

18. I am extremely allergic to wool. I can feel it instantly when a sweater has wool in it.

19. I have always wanted to learn how to knit (or crochet).

20. My favorite flowers are daises and daffodils.

21. Yellow is my happy color.

22. I don't know know what my life would be like without my sister around

23. There are times I am amazed that my husband and I ended up together.

24. I love my husband more each day, I love it when he wraps his arms around his little family and tells us how much he loves us.

25. I am grateful for every person in our large, crazy, family, no matter how crazy we are at times! I love them all.


Ken & Erin said...

Didn't you learn how to knit for your senior project?

Rachel said...

No I learned how to Quilt from Lori, but I can't really do that either! :)