Thursday, June 19

Last day of Work

So yesterday was my last day of work for Maternity leave. The break will be nice I hope, we don't know when the baby will come but it can be anytime now. Today, being my first day off, was spent cleaning the bedroom and doing some organizing before the baby comes. I also am trying to get ahead in my school work so that if he does decide to come early, I am prepared in that aspect.

I feel comfortable with leaving work, I tried my best to make sure that everything was organized on my desk and nothing was left hanging. I know that everything will be fine, I just didn't want to be a burden on my office with me being out. Yesterday they all brought in food to say good-bye. I am so grateful at how supportive my office is to me through the entire pregnancy.

Scott is making sure that since I am now home, I am getting plenty of rest, sleeping in, not doing anything physical at all, he wants to keep that baby inside as long as possible! I can't do anything that might induce labor at all...including walking the mall. I keep saying, the baby is going to come when he is ready. Hopefully not this weekend, I need a few more days!

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Hazeleyessue said...

You are right...the baby will come when it wants to! I will be praying that your labor goes smoothly! I'm sure you haven't heard this from too many people, but giving birth was a lot easier than I thought it would be! It was a lot of pushing, but I wanted to see my baby boy, so that didn't matter! It was soooooo worth it! :)