Sunday, June 22

Pregnancy Swelling

The weather here in Riverside has been SO HOT! I can't believe it! Today is suppose to be a high of 106. I don't think it ever cooled down last night to try and bring in fresh-cool air from outside to cool down the house. I know that our electricity bill for this month is going to be really high but I am just so hot all the time and can't seem to cool off. Poor Scott has to put up with my heat waves and even if he is starting to get cool in the house, I am still burning up!

This morning in church I started noticing my swelling. My fingers are starting to fatten up so much my wedding ring no longer fits! :-( I guess that can somewhat be expected as I am now 10 days away from my due date. It feels weird not to be wearing my ring that I have had on my finger for about 4 years now. I am now starting to lose my ankles as well. I am trying to stay off my feet, stay cool and drink lots of water but if this heat doesn't cooperate, I may just blow up like a balloon!!

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