Wednesday, June 11

Doctors Visit

We went to the doctor again yesterday, now that I am going every week, the staff there is starting to recognize Scott and myself. For those of you who don't know, my doctor's name is Dr. Eugene Albright. He has been delivering babies for almost 20 years, he is really nice and I have been prettty happy with him. I guess he is still a little old fashioned because he does a physical check every appointment from here on out. Not my favorite part. Currently, I am not dilated at all, which is good for my 36th/37th week. Baby seems to be doing fine, and the heartbeat was strong.

But yesterday he told us that everything was normal, I was progressing well and handling everything really well and that there was no reason I couldn't continue to work. However, since I have hit my 36th week, I could choose to stop working at any time - this is a struggle for me. It would be easier if someone would just tell me, stop working on this date! But Dr. Albright says I have no swelling, I seem to be strong and having no complications. The worst part for me at work is my attitude, I try to be patient and understanding, but my patience has flown out the window. I am uncomfortable and cranky, and ready to bite the heads off of anyone who comes to my desk. I am working really hard this week to be understanding and remind myself that as irritating as I think people are, they really don't mean to be and they just want my help, they have no reason for me to be irritated at them. I have decided that next week will be my last week, and as it will be my 38th week, it will be time for me to stop working. So all I have to do it make it through a week and a half! :) Pray for me!


Robyn said...

We'll be praying for you! Hang in there though, you're almost done!

Hazeleyessue said...

Hey, Rachel!
I didn't know you have a blog! I'm excited to see that you are so near the end! How do you feel about labor and all that good stuff? Hang in there! I will be praying that the Lord gives you patience for the wonderful gift you are about to receive!