Monday, June 9

Babies Room

After our baby shower a few weeks ago, Scott and I started setting up the baby room. Thanks to all the generous friends and family we have who gave us what we needed (and wanted) for the room; we now have the crib, bedding, rocking chair, swing, and curtains all up in the baby room. We also put "stickers" that match the bedding set up on the wall to add something extra to the room. I think that Scott has been "nesting" more than I have these past couple of weeks; he wants everything to be perfect for the baby. So everything is almost all ready for the Baby, now all we need is the changing table and our room will be complete! Here are the pictures you all have been waiting for! Our bedding set came from Babies R Us and is called Alphabet Soup.

Here is a picture of the whole room, that empty space in the corner is for the changing table. Then a close up of the crib and baby bedding we picked out.

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Ezzah said...

THAT IS AN AWESOME ROOM! Great job! (yeah, I'm a little behind, cause someone never sent me her link to her blog!!!) anyway-too bad we can't do lunch, now I could hold YOUR baby! :)