Tuesday, October 5

The Train & Meeting Mickey

A couple weekends ago, Scott got up on Sunday morning and announced we were going to go to Disneyland after church. A little surprised, but ready for anything, I got the boys all ready to go. Brendan has been really interested in trains lately, so Scott wanted to take him to ride the train around the park. With that being our only goal of the day, it was a pretty laid back day.

Waiting at the Train Station for the train to come.
Waiting is not easy for a 2 year old, we had just missed the previous train,
which mean he saw it roll away without us.
But he managed, it was worth the wait!

When we got off the train we saw Mickey, so we decided to wait in line.
Brendan watches Mickey Mouse Clubhouse all the time,
so getting to meet Mickey was VERY exciting!
...that was until it was time to actually go up to this giant mouse...
"A bump? Okay, I can give Mickey a bump...but I'm not getting any closer!"
"Shake? I guess I can shake his hand...but that's it..."
"You want me to stand next to this thing? No way am I looking at this camera, I'm not taking my eyes off of you, who knows what you are going to do if I turn my back."

We did end up with a pretty decent family picture with Mickey. It was fun to watch Brendan's expression. Caleb had no idea what was even going on.
Next Daddy treated to Ice Cream. Brendan's favorite.

We rode a couple of rides, including It's a Small World. Then headed home.
That's the nice thing about having a pass, you only spend as long as you want,
because you know, you'll be back!

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