Tuesday, April 28

Good-Bye Apartment

We are finally out of our apartment! We are so glad to be out of our old apartment with no central air, no washer and dryer, away from the stairs and the long walk from the car, and into a house with a garage to park our cars (once we get it cleaned out that is). Ahh! Sigh of release!

Oh Wait! The stress is not even close to being over! We still have boxes to go through and unpack, things to find, items to clean and repair in the house...

but...it is a house!

So I thought I would share a few pictures to commemorate our apartment leaving. Here is our apartment right before we walked out for the very last time. See how nice and white the stove is? Scott scrubbed that thing to death to get it looking nice, hopefully they don't charge us for it!

On Sunday, our friends Tawni & Rob watched Brendan from 10:00 until 2:30 while we did the final cleaning of the apartment. It was SUCH a help, there is no way we could have cleaned the apartment with Brendan crawling all over the place.

By 3:30 we did the final walk-through (which took about 1 min 30 sec), seemed like a joke, but we turned in our keys, loaded up our cars with the very last load of stuff from our storage bin. Here is Brendan driving our car with the last load of stuff.

I realize that I have not posted any pictures of the inside of the house yet, they will come once I feel a little better about posting pictures of the mess that is my house right now.


Emilio said...
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Auntie Wiesow's Ramblings said...

It's weird seeing the apartment empty. Brendan looks so cute driving the car!!! Looks like we're going to be buying a brand new 2 bedroom house tomorrow!!

Elizabeth and Brandon said...

Hooray! I cannot wait to see pictures of the new house all fixed up. I am so excited for you guys!