Tuesday, August 3

Independence Day

This year we experienced our Independence Day in Star Idaho (just outside of Boise) with Scott's parents. I bought us all Old Navy Flag Tees which I love, Scott humored me enough to wear it for the day!

My mom bought Caleb a bib to wear for his 1st 4th of July. The bib was a little big for him!
In the evening, we went next door and had a neighborhood party. Caleb, being the newest grandbaby, at only 6 weeks old, was passed around from grandparent to grandparent. Brendan was excited to run around and play with other kids and new toys.

This was also Brendan's first experience with fireworks and sparklers (the video was posted earlier). He really was a little nervous and couldn't decide if he liked them or not, but we did about 3 sparklers, all the other kids loved them.

Unfortunately, it does not get dark until about 10:00 at night. We gave Brendan a late nap hoping that he would be able to make it. At first he started to get fussy, but he settled down on Grandma's lap and watched the fireworks. Much different than California, Idaho allows you to have actual fireworks that shoot up into the sky. It was quite an experience for me, I had never seen fireworks like this shot off from someones driveway! We started with some floor fireworks, move to bottle rockets, and then had the real, large fireworks in the sky. Brendan was the only kids who stayed awake through the entire show. He wasn't too fond of the loud noises, but got used to them and as long as he was held, he was fine.
Caleb on the other hand, slept through the entire thing, noises didn't bother him a bit!

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Brenda said...

My goodness. I sure have adorable grandchildren! Can't wait until I see them again.