Thursday, August 5


Growing up, my mother used to always dress my sister and I (19 months age difference) in matching outfits. For Christmas, we would get the same outfit in different colors. It never really bothered me too much, but I know Bekah wasn't always fond of it. Now, we buy matching outfits in different colors all the time because of our similar taste in clothes, we just try not to wear them on the same day - which has happened a few times.

I'm sure that I told my mom I would never dress my kids in matching clothes, although I don't really remember. But now that I have 2 boys, I just can't help it, I think they are so cute! This is my first matching outfits for the boys.
Caleb here is 3 weeks old, and Brendan is 22 months dressed for church. Unfortunately, Brendan would not sit very well with his brother for a picture. Oh well, they are still cute.
(I think this is my favorite picture of Caleb to date, he just looks so happy!)

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