Wednesday, December 21


So I decided to look upon my much neglected blog this evening and realized I had a decision to make. As it has now been almost 5 months since my last post, do I pick myself up, and push myself to start blogging again? Or do I call it quits and let people watch my life through Facebook (which I never post on either, luckily, friends tag me in photos they take). Blogging used to come so easy, and even still I find myself "writing" blogs in my head while driving to and from work, but actually sitting down to type them out takes effort.

Blogging can be my relief, my place to share little stories from our family, and a place for family to see and hear our family adventures.

Blogging can also cause frustration, and an opportunity to waste time better spent elsewhere.

So my decision needs to be made, do I stay or do I go?


Shanda said...

I say...
Stay... But don't feel like pressure to write about EVERYTHING! Just write when you have time and feel like it. It can be sporadic! :)
But that's just my selfish hope. You can do whatever you need to. :)

Tawni said...

I say stay! I love reading your blog :)

She-Davis said...

My vote it to stay - but I also understand calling it quits.

Brenda said...

You write so well you should stay. And I agree with Shanda, write when you can.