Thursday, September 4

Pretty Baby

When I was pregnant I knew that I would think that my baby was cute and love him no matter what, but I truly believe he is simply beautiful! I just stare at him all the time. My sister laughs at me because just out of the blue I will tell her "he is so pretty!" and "Isn't he the most beautiful baby ever?"

I really thought that I would not be one of those parents that asked the loaded question, but I do find myself, every once in a while, asking if the person thinks Brendan is adorable. Of course everyone has agreed with me, who would really tell a new mother that her baby was ugly. You may not agree with me but I think that my baby is the prettiest baby EVER!

Since the day he was born I knew that I was in trouble. This little thing that I had carried around for OVER nine months was finally in my arms and I never wanted to put him down. Even this morning, 7 weeks old, I picked him up when he was falling asleep, he snuggled into my chest and I thought for a brief moment "what if I just stayed home from work and held my baby all day?" But instead, I loaded him into his car seat, and drove him to daycare. My heart hurts every time I drop him off. He is just so wonderful, I never want to leave him.


Elizabeth said...

Well, from the objective standpoint of a person who doesn't generally get super excited about babies, I can verify that Brendan is, in fact, an extraordinarily pretty baby. Nice job creating him!

Hazeleyessue said...

Oh! My heart aches for you! I will pray that somehow, someday soon you will be able to do just that...stay home and hold your precious baby boy all day! :) Hang in there! He is beautiful! (Really! I'm not just saying that!)

rebekah said...

to you ever intend to quit working?