Thursday, August 6

Quick Update

Wow, I have been really bad at posting lately! I am alive and well, as is my family (finally). Scott and Brendan both had a major flu a couple weeks ago, I am very lucky that I did not catch it. Here are a few things that we have been up to lately (well, since June) that I haven't gotten around to posting about yet, hopefully I will be better at updating the blog.

  1. Family Visit to the Aquarium of the Pacific
  2. The rest of our "Staycation"
  3. Indio with my Family
  4. Visit to Sacramento
  5. Europe for Scott
  6. Brendan's (2nd) first Birthday Party
  7. Idaho with Scott's family
  8. Brendan's (3rd) first Birthday Party
  9. 1 Year update
  10. ....much more....

Wow, there really has been a lot going on that I haven't shared. If I do at least one a day, I should be done in two weeks....we'll see how that actually goes.

Until then, life is as it always is: busy, stressful, but wonderful!

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