Thursday, April 29

Big Shoes to Fill

The other night I walked into the living room to find Brendan playing with Daddy's shoes that were left laying in the middle of the room. I just had to stop and watch him, and of course take a few pictures. It is amazing how little kids watch their parents and other adults around them and imitae their actions; wanting to be just like them.
The next day, on the way to work I was listening to our new Brad Paisley's CD with his new song "Anything Like Me" it made me tear up to think of how my son is growing up so quickly, one day he will grow up and head into the world on his own. I thought about the day we found out Brendan was a boy and how excited Scott was, I remember Scott taking Brendan to his first baseball game only a few weeks old, how proud he was to show off his son. Now that Brendan is a little older, he has become quite attached to his Daddy, he loves to wrestle with Dad and run around with him, anything to be just like him.

I pray that God will guide us as we raise our son to be strong, independant, and capaple of living life on his own. I pray that I am reminded daily that I have two little eyes watching my every move and that as parents, we will be setting an example for our children to follow after to be "anything like me."

I remember sayin' I don't care either way
Just as long as he or she is healthy I'm ok
Then the doctor pointed to the corner of the screen
And said "Ya see that thing right there well ya know what that means"

And I started wondering who he was going to be
And I thought heaven help us if hes anything like me
He'll probably climb a tree to tall and ride hes bike to fast
End up every summer wearin something in a cast
Hes gonna throw a ball and break some glass in a window down the street
Hes gonna get in trouble oh hes gonna get in fights
Im gonna lose my temper and some sleep
It safe to say that im gonna get my pay back if hes anything like me

I can see him right now knees all skinned up
With a magnifying glass tryin to melt the Tonka truck
Wont he be a sight with his football helmet on
That'll be his first love til his first love comes along
He'll get his heart broke by the time hes in his teens
And heaven help him if hes anything like me

He'll probably stay out to late and drive his car to fast
Get a speeding ticket he'll pay for mowing grass
Hes gonna get caught skippin class and be ground for a week
Hes gonna get in trouble we're gonna get in fights
Im gonna lose my temper and some sleep
Its safe to say that im gonna get my pay back if hes anything like me

Hes gonna love me and hate me along the way
Years are gonna fly by I already dread the day
Hes gonna hug hes momma hes gonna shake my hand
Hes gonna act like he cant wait to leave
But as he drives out he'll cry hes eyes out
If hes anything like me,
There's worse folks to be like,
Aw he'll be alright if hes anything like me


Random Thoughts said...

Love that!!

Auntie Wiesow's Ramblings said...

That made me want to cry. I love having a boy!