Thursday, April 29

Updates and a few pics

I know I said I would update you all on the happenings of the Keys’ Family. And then I disappeared. So instead of trying to type out a million posts to get caught up, you get bullet points, unfortunately, the post will still be very long, hold on, and feel free to skim. No, I did not have my baby, I know that being absent could leave some with that impression, but as of now, I am still very much pregnant. With that, we shall begin:
  • Easter was a blast, with this being Brendan’s 2nd Easter, he enjoyed his Easter basket and packages from both Grandparents very much. As well as his very first egg hunt. I am going to post pictures although I am VERY late, we had a wonderful Easter at GG Pat & Poppy’s house.

  • We had way too much drama with the van purchase. Oh, remember that van I posted pictures of? We do not have it anymore. Instead, we have a white Dodge Grand Caravan. It was a long story with the conditions of our original loan not being accepted as promised, a break recall, and too much time spent at dealerships.
    o After driving the new van for one day, we get a message about the tire being low (brand new tires just put on the car the previous morning). So we took the car back the next weekend to have the bumpers fixed and asked them to make sure to look at the tire as we had to keep filling it with air. We were without the car for 4 days, but when we got it back, the bumpers were nice and fixed.
    o But, the light telling us the tires were low was still on. The tire began to go flat. We took the car back in, this time, we sat at the dealership for 4 hours waiting to replace one tire. We finally got a new tire on our van.
    o We also have a minivan to cart our family around, despite the drama that went into it.

  • Brendan had a bad flu a few weeks ago, throwing everything that he ate up. Unfortunately, I did not really realize it was the flu as he never ran a fever. However, after my husband and mother-in-law both came down with the throwing-up flu, I realized my poor kid really was sick. I am so thankful I never caught it, I am not sure what I would have done to be sick on top of everything else!

  • While Brendan was throwing-up sick, we realized that something was not quite right as we changed his diaper. After taking him to the doctor it was confirmed, Brendan has a hernia on his genitals. So after a few doctor appointments, we finally have surgery scheduled to have it removed. May 12th. (Just in case you guys didn’t catch that, my due date is May 15th). Luckly, Brendan doens't seem to be in a lot of pain, but I am looking forward to getting this taken care of.

  • I turned the big 2-7 on April 9th. Nope, I don’t feel any different. My birthday was spent with my son at the doctor’s office in the morning, but I had a nice breakfast at Mimi’s with my mom & sister. We then started preparing for my baby shower and running a few errands. Scott and I were supposed to have a nice evening together, but he was still sick, so we had dinner out, he went to bed and I went to my sisters.

  • My sister threw a wonderful baby shower for my on April 10th. This one does deserve it’s own post to come.

  • Work has been absolutely crazy the past couple of weeks. Especially with me missing a couple of days for “bed rest” and then not know from day to day if I will be able to come into work. This week is our busiest, hopefully by next week things will calm down a little more and I can prepare my desk for my absence. A week and a half left before I start Maternity Leave!

  • Everything really seems to be going well for right now, there was about 2 weeks where I felt that I could not catch a break, it was seriously one thing after another. But things seem to have calmed down and I feel as though I am starting to feel ready for our new little one…not quite… but almost!

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John and Alisha Stults said...

Caleb had to have surgery to repair his hernia when he was a year old. I was super worried, but he came through it just fine. I thought he would be in a lot of pain, but they gave him some tylenol with codeine and I don't think he ever knew he should have pain. It was actually harder to keep him still because he felt fine. People are probably going to tell you this left and right, but it will all work out in the end. I hope that helps.