Monday, April 25


This year I turned 28. I'm not really one to focus on age, especially not myself. It seemed silly that I always forgot how old I was when I was only 22, but somehow 6 years later, it is much more convenient. I love celebrating birthdays, just not ages. So when my birthday grew near I was thinking about how old I was, thinking I was turning 27. Except I know my lovely sister is having her 30th this year, which would make me 2 years younger. Dang, how can I be that old already?

I feel old.

Sometimes I still feel like I am fresh out of college, still a newlywed, starting out on this journey. But in reality, I have been married for almost 6 years now, at the same job for just as long and on my second promotion. We are happy with our little family and out two beautiful children. This is where we are, this is life, I am no longer "Just Starting Out"...maybe I need to change my blog?

I watch my student workers, still in college, being trained for a full time job after graduation. With late nights, Denny's study breaks, first dates, final exams...I know that! I was there! Not long ago. And yet, I feel so removed, I'm not one of them. We go to bed at 9:30, Denny's is for breakfast now, and we are lucky if we get one date night a month. I'm their boss, married with two kids.

I feel so old.

Please don't get me wrong, I am happy with my life. I love my life. But 28 is hard. I'm now in my late 20's. We have traded in our life of late night movies, spontaneous weekends, cheap Hyundai's traveling all over southern California, parties & clubs, fake nails, and Saturdays at the mall for early morning feedings, a house with a mortgage, minivans, kid birthday parties, Costco memberships, playgrounds, and full-time jobs.

I am old.

And yet...I love my life.


Random Thoughts said...

Hang in there kid! After the kids grow up and move out, you can go back to all that late night spontaneous stuff. By the way, turning 29 was my hardest birthday ever. Since then I haven't given it much thought. There is just something difficult about leaving your 20's...

She-Davis said...

I just turned 26 and was thinking the same things... when did I grow up? lol

Rebukey said...

I know right! Being in your late 20s is a trip! But you have accomplished so much since college! :)

Anonymous said...

It is bad to say that I don't remember turning 28? I'm not that much older than 28, but really, 29 was my "cry-my-eyes-out" birthday. However, I would just like to say that you are NOT old and I'm glad you are loving your life. You do seem very happy despite any bumps that come in your road and I'm glad to know you my friend! Hey, you could be nearly 32, living with your mother in law, still trying to finish college, and have no children. Totally NOT the plan I had! I'm pretty sure they don't make Disney movies after my life. Yours? Definitely. Hope you had a great birthday!