Tuesday, April 19

Caleb Baby Dedication

Sunday, April 3rd our church had baby dedication. Although Scott was out of town during the actual dedication, we decided we were still going to participate. The way Sandals Church does baby dedication is actually pretty cool. In the weeks before the Sunday dedication, they gather the families together one by one and video the family and have a short clip of the parents sharing something about teaching their child about Christ and our belief. (I have a clip of the video that I don't feel comfortable posting here if you would like to see it let me know and I can e-mail it to you.)

Scott was able to share in the video what we are most excited to teach our child about Christ. We discussed it and decided that we want first for our child to understand Christ’s love. Once you understand how great his love is and are able to love others in a Christ-like way, everything will fall into place. His patience, forgiveness, grace, everything starts with love.

Sunday was a crazy morning, rushing to get both boys ready and out the door early for church, I knew I was pushing it but I was still going to make it. That is until I went to walk out the door and I couldn’t find my keys. No blaming the kiddos on this one, it was all me and my forgetful brain. As I am searching the house with Brendan following me around "Keys Mommy? You need keys?" and Caleb crying because I keep passing him without picking him up...I finally find them and we race out of the house to church. I quickly park the car, grab the kids and rush in the door barely making it to the front row just as the movie starts.

My original plan was not to have Brendan with me during service but to drop him off to his class. But with no time, he stayed with me during the beginning part of service. He was so excited to see himself and Caleb up on the big movie screen. Brendan stayed with me up front and was very well behaved, clapped and cheered when the audience did, folded his hands and prayed when the pastor prayed with a loud AMEN at the end. He did ask me a few times when he got to go to “church”. The church gave Caleb (and us as parents) a nice certificate as a reminder of our commitment to raise our child in Christ. He was also given a wonderful Baby’s first Bible with thick board pages easy on baby’s hands.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures of us up front at church. But both boys behaved nicely and looked adorable in their matching shirts. I got a few pictures after for you to see.


Random Thoughts said...

I would definitely love to see that video! I'm tellin you those guys get more handsome every day. They are gonna be known as the Ladykiller Keys Boyz!

Shanda said...

1. They are both getting SO big! Can't believe it!
2. I want to see the video! :)