Thursday, May 26


Sometimes things happen and we cannot understand why. Other times, circumstances in your life are a direct result of certain actions. Although we can’t explain everything that happens, it is life and we learn from every experience.

Whenever there is a break in my blogging it is typically a direct result of the time in our life. And I know when I am gone, many of you wonder what is going on, for some of you, this is the only way you keep up on what is happening in our life! I didn’t post this right away mainly because I like to figure things out before I post it for the world to see. I also wasn’t quite sure what to write.

Scott lost his job. It was a major shock to us both. So many emotions, so many thoughts, a lot of prayers. It happened a few weeks ago, April 29th. We are upset, but we both believe that God is in control and there are other opportunities out there for us.

I am without words today. Whenever I think about writing this blog post, I have so many thoughts. I could say this. Should I say that? How detailed do I go? The truth is, this is just a small piece of this road we are traveling. It may seem like a huge roadblock, but as the weeks go on, we begin to see it more as a detour in life. We are not stuck, waiting for this blockage to be moved by someone else, we are continuing to travel on, just in a different direction than we originally planned.

Scott has taken this opportunity to go back to school and get his teaching credential. He is also focusing more of his attention on teaching in higher education. Although this is a difficult time to find a job, and History Professors are in no means in a high demand.

We are actively waiting to see what will come of this situation.

I will try to keep you updated more on our life, and what opportunities are presented to us. Until then, please keep us in your prayers. It is too tempting to become discouraged, disheartened, or doubt. That is not what we are called to do, and we just have to trust that there is a plan for our lives.


Random Thoughts said...

You are a wise woman and a good wife! Love You

She-Davis said...

We WILL be praying for you! We have been through the same thing when Justin lost his job. I hope (I know it probably doesn't help, but...) you can find some comfort in knowing from the point Justin lost his job to now God has done AMAZING things to our lives - and I know he will bless you with beyond what you can imagine!