Friday, May 27

These are my girls.

Every Friday, I go to lunch with these girls.
They are my “lunch bunch”. But they are so much more than just my lunch friends. These girls are some of my closest friends, my coworkers, my family. They are my listening ears, words of encouragement, arms of love. They are my prayer warriors. These girls are there whenever I need them, to do whatever I need. They are a warm hug when I feel alone. Mom’s when mine is out of reach. Sister’s to rejoice with. Crafty friends to “scrap” with. They understand when I need to vent. A source of strength when I feel week. They are my support, my words of advice, my confidants. But the thing I value the most about them is their love. I know these friends truly care for me, and love me for who I am. When you ask these girls to pray, boy do they pray. And we have seen amazing things happen in our lives that can only account for that one things.

Thank you girls. Thank you for being there for me, for loving me, and giving me the opportunity to love you back!

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