Friday, June 10

Poison Control

As a mom, you don’t “expected” it, but you know that at some point in your life you will end up calling poison control center because of something you child got into. It’s not something you plan on, but you have the number on hand just in case. I never imagined my situation from last night.
About 7:00 last night, Caleb came crawling to me from the back room where Brendan was watching a movie. I pick him up and can immediately smell that he was thrown up. He was extremely fussy last night, so we thought maybe he had a bug. I hand him to Scott to strip him down while I go search out where he had thrown up. When I find it, I also find my empty deodorant tube and chunks of deodorant on the floor. “He ate my deodorant!” I yell out to Scott, my husband’s next logical thought, “How poisonous is that?” I didn’t even think about that! So I read the label “Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed, get medical help, or contact a Poison Control Center right away.”

So while I hold a still fussy (and probably sick) baby. Scott calls the on-call pediatrician, I call poison control.

After giving the woman all the specifics on the type, brand, and specifics on the deodorant, she runs it in her computer. Luckily, I can tell by what is left that he hasn’t ingested a lot of the stick. She ensures me that it isn’t “poisonous” but it is extremely irritating on the stomach. Hence, the throwing up.

When thinking about circumstances that I might call Poison Control for something my child has gotten into, I never dreamed I would be calling telling them my child has eaten deodorant.

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JT Reed said...

Well, he won't drool for a while, and his breath should smell good.