Thursday, June 9


We all do embarrassing things now and then. I'm not sure if it was the frazzeledness of yesterday morning, running around trying to get everyone ready to walk out the door, or my absentmindedness (not paying attention to what I was doing) or the dreaded "Baby brain" that seemed to disappear with pregnancy and I am still waiting for the return.

Whether it was one or all of these reasons, I was utterly embarrassed.

Yesterday morning, while walking to my office from the parking lot I glance down and let out a little scream! I am wearing two different shoes!

One black, one snakeskin brown.

I'm already running a few minutes late and have a ton of work sitting on my desk that I know I don't have time to go home. Luckily they are both somewhat dark (the picture doesn't show as much difference as they really are.)

I get to my desk and hide my feet under my desk, thankful that I don't have any scheduled meetings!


She-Davis said...

I have done this before...more then once :)

Shanda said...

That is awesome. :)

Kevin and Bekah said...

I have been laughing at you for the past ten minutes.

JT Reed said...

Apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Been there.