Thursday, November 20

Well Baby Check-up - 4 months

On Monday afternoon we went to Brendan's 4 month Well Baby check-up with Dr. Mackey. He is now 18 weeks old! The check-up was pretty quick, we did have to wait for almost 1/2 an hour to see the doctor, I have never had to wait this long before. But luckily, the waiting room has a smaller room attached that is designated for "Well Babies" so Brendan didn't have to be infected by all the sick children in the waiting room. Brendan got pretty fussy in the waiting room, later to find out he had a surprise for me in his diaper!

When we finally get to the room, I change Brendan and wait for the nurse. Brendan now weighs 15 pounds 2 ounces (he has now barely under his doubled birth weight). He is 26.5 inches long. The doctor didn't tell me what percentile he was in this month, but I looked it up online and the 90% is 25.5 inches, so we have a long baby with average weight, see below for his growth charts:

Other than checking his normal growth developments (weight, length, head control, supporting weight on legs, hip movement, eyesight, ect) the appointment went relatively quickly. I asked about starting solid foods and the doctor said to wait until 6 months which I am a little disappointed at. But he said we would talk about it at his 6 month appointment. I guess I can wait for January. Anyway, here are a couple 4 month pictures!

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Robyn said...

Including the charts in your blog?! Wow, you're getting all hip on us!

Glad to hear that he is doing well!